Guangzhou to Wuhan High-Speed Trains

The 1069km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Guangzhou and Wuhan. 63 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Guangzhou to Wuhan between 06:28AM and 06:43PM every day. The duration is around 4 hours - 5 hours and the ticket prices are USD88 to USD268. The fastest train G1028 with a maximum speed of 320 km/h finishs the journey in 3h51m.

There are four major railway stations in Guangzhou: Guangzhou South, Guangzhou East, Guangzhou North, Guangzhou Railway Station, and two high-speed railway stations in Wuhan: Hankou Station, Wuhan Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Guangzhou South and arrive at Wuhan Railway Station.

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Guangzhou South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Wuhan

Ticket Cost & Train Timetable

Ticket Prices

Second Class Seat First Class Seat Business Class Seat
USD77 USD121 USD233

Timetable of 63 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G296 06:28,Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:55,Wuhan 4H27M
G276 06:38,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:06,Wuhan 4H28M
G1316 06:50,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:12,Wuhan 4H22M
G1744 06:55,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:44,Wuhan 4H49M
G1102 07:00,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:18,Wuhan 4H18M
G832 07:11,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:23,Wuhan 4H12M
G1748 07:22,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:28,Wuhan 4H6M
G1002 07:34,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:38,Wuhan 4H4M
G94 07:39,Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:52,Wuhan 4H13M
G72 07:46,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:11,Wuhan 4H25M
G2056 08:05,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:04,Wuhan 3H59M
G1312 08:10,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:18,Wuhan 4H8M
G280 08:15,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:27,Wuhan 4H12M
G96 08:55,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:33,Wuhan 3H38M
G80 09:00,Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:38,Wuhan 3H38M
G1004 09:11,Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:20,Wuhan 4H9M
G1108 09:16,Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:30,Wuhan 4H14M
G74 09:22,Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:43,Wuhan 4H21M
G552 09:32,Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:55,Wuhan 4H23M
G542 09:46,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:01,Wuhan 4H15M
G66 10:00,Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:38,Wuhan 3H38M
G1006 10:10,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:17,Wuhan 4H7M
G818 10:15,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:27,Wuhan 4H12M
G532 10:20,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:34,Wuhan 4H14M
G1110 10:25,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:46,Wuhan 4H21M
G822 10:40,Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:51,Wuhan 4H11M
G1112 10:46,Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:01,Wuhan 4H15M
G1008 10:56,Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:22,Wuhan 4H26M
G1114 11:01,Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:18,Wuhan 4H17M
G68 11:13,Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:28,Wuhan 4H15M
G836 11:24,Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:38,Wuhan 4H14M
G1116 24:00,Guangzhou Nan (South) 24:00,Wuhan 99H59M
G1152 11:36,Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:00,Wuhan 4H24M
G1010 11:59,Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:23,Wuhan 4H24M
G1120 12:16,Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:52,Wuhan 4H36M
G844 12:30,Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:43,Wuhan 4H13M
G70 12:50,Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:04,Wuhan 4H14M
G1122 12:55,Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:20,Wuhan 4H25M
G1032 13:19,Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:49,Wuhan 4H30M
G826 13:30,Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:43,Wuhan 4H13M
G840 13:45,Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:59,Wuhan 4H14M
G1012 13:51,Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:04,Wuhan 4H13M
G544 13:56,Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:25,Wuhan 4H29M
G554 14:08,Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:15,Wuhan 5H7M
G546 14:13,Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:37,Wuhan 4H24M
G1156 14:23,Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:53,Wuhan 4H30M
G1028 14:29,Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:20,Wuhan 3H51M
G1146 15:01,Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:10,Wuhan 4H9M
G1128 15:13,Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:43,Wuhan 4H30M
G1130 15:26,Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:57,Wuhan 4H31M
G1018 15:43,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:03,Wuhan 4H20M
G1036 15:48,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:15,Wuhan 4H27M
G1014 16:01,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:21,Wuhan 4H20M
G650 16:08,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:51,Wuhan 4H43M
G76 16:25,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:34,Wuhan 4H9M
G548 16:30,Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:56,Wuhan 4H26M
G1162 16:47,Guangzhou Nan (South) 21:06,Wuhan 4H19M
G1020 17:05,Guangzhou Nan (South) 21:23,Wuhan 4H18M
G1136 17:24,Guangzhou Nan (South) 21:36,Wuhan 4H12M
G1134 17:29,Guangzhou Nan (South) 21:42,Wuhan 4H13M
G1138 17:40,Guangzhou Nan (South) 22:02,Wuhan 4H22M
G1022 17:50,Guangzhou Nan (South) 22:15,Wuhan 4H25M
G1140 18:43,Guangzhou Nan (South) 23:01,Wuhan 4H18M

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