Type C trains, Intercity trains

Trains are categorized by speed service In China. Different letters indicate different types of the train, including G, D, C, Z, T and K. The trains numbers with letter G, D or C are high-speed trains.

Type C (Chinese name: Chengjilieche, simplified Chinese: 城际列车) trains are also called intercity high-speed rails which are running frequently between two not-so-distant cities with speeds of 200 km/h. Usually, the journey will not exceed 2 hours, for example, Type C trains on the Beijing - Tianjin - Tanggu line, and Guangzhou - Zhuhai line.

Because Type C train speeds are lower than G-class trains, its ticket prices also are cheaper, like Type D train.

C-type high speed train, intercity train, China

C-type high speed train, intercity train, China

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