Train ticket collection in China

Do I need to collect train paper ticket at railway station?


Since Jan 2023, the train electronic tickets have been available on most rail routes, including from / to Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station.

It means international travellers can show their passports, likes Chinese ID to check in and board the train directly, and don't need to go to ticket office to collect train tickets anymore..


But for a few stations in small cites or towns in the Mainland of China, e-tickets are still not working. Foreign passengrs still need to go to ticket office in these stations to collect the train paper tickets, and then show the ticket and passport to check in the train.

Ticket office in railway station for high-speed trains, bullet train, China

How to collect my train paper tickets at railway station?

Step 1, Get the collection number (cofirmation number)

After you book your bullet train on and your train ticket is issued successfully, we will send your the ticket confirmation email, including one offical confirmation number (Ticket collection number).

The collection number / reference – This is an ten-digit reference that’s a mixture of numbers and letters, for example E401462218

Step 2, Go to the ticket office in railway station to collect your tickets

Please go to the ticket office in Railway Station to collect your train's paper ticket(s) by collection number and your passport 70 - 60 minutes prior to the departure time.


A. You also can collect your train ticket from any ticket office in any China domestic railway station before the departure time.

B. It is free of charge to collect train ticket in Mainland China. But there is collection fee (Handing Charges Apply) HKD 10 - 30 at ticket counter in Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station.

C. The full name and the travel document No. should match the name and No as stated on your passport that will be shown to collect your paper ticket. Otherwise, the paper ticket will be unavailable.

D. The ticket cannot be changed or cancelled online anymore after it is collected at ticket office. You need to make the change or cancellation by yourself at tickt office in railway station

Where can I find the ticket office at railway station?

Some ticket offices are on the right side or left side of railway station builing, next to the departures hall.

And some ticket offices are in the departure hall of railway station where you need go through the security check first.

Ticket office in railway station for high-speed trains, China

How long can I get the train ticket by queuing?

Since the train electronic tickets are available on most rail routes in China, passengers use Chinese ID or passports to check in and board the train directly. So it usually takes 5 - 20 minutes by queuing to pick up paper tickets at ticket office. But it will be longer at peak travel times like some Chinese holidays, for example, Chinese Spring Festival, China National Holiday.

Ticket office in railway station for high-speed trains, China

Usefull Sentences In Chinese

If you need help, please show the following Chinese sentences to the station staff

Question in Chinese to pick up, change or cancel ticket at Railway Station

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