Foods, Meals and Drinks on Bullet Trains in China

If your bullet train trip lasts for 3 - 5 hours or even longer, you probably to order food onboard or prepare some foods before boarding.

China Bullet Trains offer Chinese-style Food, vegetarian food, coffee, tea and snacks. The breads or cakes are available on some high-speed trains, for example Beijing to Shanghai, Hong Kong to Xiamen.

The second class tickets and first class tickets are not included foods and drinks.

Only business class tickets are included free foods and drinks.

Food in high-speed trains

How to buy the foods and drinks

Passenger can buy the foods or drinks in dinning car that usually is in the middle of the train, for example car 5 or car 6.

When the attendants bring food trolleys to shuttle back and forth through different carriages during meal time, you can select the packed meals, drinks or snacks and pay for them on your own seats.

But usually, the attendants cannot speak English well.

Food, meals in high-speed trains

Foods and Drinks Price

One Chinese-style food package with with 2-4 dishes and one soup.fare is around RMB25 - RMB60, one vegetarian food is around RMB35. And one bread or cake is around RMB10 - RMB30, one cup of coffee is around RMB25, a bottle of mineral wate is around RMB5 - RMB10.


These payments, RMB Chinese cash, Alipay and Wechat, are accepted. So if you need to buy foods or drinks onboard, please prepare some Chinese cash before boarding.

Dinning Car in high-speed trains

Dinning Car, food trolleys, food in high-speed trains

Where to eat the food

There are meal tables in dinning car on some bullet trains, you can enjoy your meals there.

But some bullet trains don't have meal tables in dinning car, you need to eat the foods on the tray table of your seats, that likes on the airplane

tray table in high-speed trains, bullet trains

Complimentary foods and drinks in Business Class Car

The business class passenger get complimentary meals or drinks on train. Complimentary meal will be offered during meal time that package is including 3-4 dishes and one soup. You can order any available foods or drinks onboard.

Free meal, food, drink  in business class of high-speed trains

Free meal, food, drink  in business class of high-speed trains

Food and drink Tips

A. Bring your favorite food or fruits to board train. Becasue most of meals offered onboard are Chinese-style food, you maybe don't like them. You can buy some fruits or some your favorite food at railway station or in the city, for example, one hamburger of KFC or McDonald's, or you also can ask your hotel pack some dishes for you, them bring them to board the train.

B. Where to get Drinking Water? The Drinking Water dispenser is placed at the connection part of two carriages. Clean boiled water and paper cups are prepared there. There are two button to get water, red button and green button. First please press the red button to unlock, then press the green button to get boiling water by cup.

Drinking hot water in high-speed trains

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