Guangzhou to Dongguan High-Speed Trains

The 71km high-speed railway links Guangzhou and Dongguan. 99 bullet trains run from Guangzhou to Dongguan between 06:00AM and 10:44PM every day. The duration is around 24 minutes - 35 minutes and the ticket prices are USD12 to USD24. The fastest train C7089 with a maximum speed of 200 km/h finishs the journey in 24 minutes.

There are four major railway stations in Guangzhou: Guangzhou South, Guangzhou East, Guangzhou North, Guangzhou Railway Station, and three major railway stations in Dongguan: Dongguan East, Dongguan Railway Station, Dongguan South Railway Station. Most bullet trains depart from Guangzhou East and arrive at Dongguan Railway Station.

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Guangzhou South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Dongguan

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Timetable of 99 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
C7001 06:00,Guangzhou Dong(East) 06:26,Dongguan 0H26M
C7031 06:05,Guangzhou 06:46,Dongguan 0H41M
C7021 06:11,Guangzhou Dong(East) 06:37,Dongguan 0H26M
C7053 06:26,Guangzhou 07:06,Dongguan 0H40M
C7163 06:44,Guangzhou 07:26,Dongguan 0H42M
C7043 06:50,Guangzhou Dong(East) 07:16,Dongguan 0H26M
C7063 07:09,Guangzhou Dong(East) 07:35,Dongguan 0H26M
C7073 07:19,Guangzhou 08:04,Dongguan 0H45M
C7173 07:22,Guangzhou Dong(East) 07:48,Dongguan 0H26M
D7525 07:30,Guangzhou Dong(East) 07:56,Dongguan 0H26M
C7013 07:51,Guangzhou Dong(East) 08:20,Dongguan 0H29M
C7189 08:05,Guangzhou Dong(East) 08:32,Dongguan 0H27M
C7083 08:13,Guangzhou Dong(East) 08:41,Dongguan 0H28M
C7093 08:30,Guangzhou Dong(East) 08:56,Dongguan 0H26M
C7137 08:30,Guangzhou 09:14,Dongguan 0H44M
C7147 08:38,Guangzhou Dong(East) 09:05,Dongguan 0H27M
C7127 08:56,Guangzhou Dong(East) 09:25,Dongguan 0H29M
C7109 09:09,Guangzhou Dong(East) 09:35,Dongguan 0H26M
D7501 09:20,Guangzhou Dong(East) 09:46,Dongguan 0H26M
C7003 09:28,Guangzhou Dong(East) 09:54,Dongguan 0H26M
C7023 09:36,Guangzhou 10:20,Dongguan 0H44M
C7033 09:37,Guangzhou Dong(East) 10:03,Dongguan 0H26M
C7055 10:02,Guangzhou Dong(East) 10:28,Dongguan 0H26M
C7165 10:10,Guangzhou Dong(East) 10:36,Dongguan 0H26M
C7045 10:18,Guangzhou Dong(East) 10:44,Dongguan 0H26M
D7537 10:26,Guangzhou Dong(East) 10:52,Dongguan 0H26M
C7065 10:34,Guangzhou 11:16,Dongguan 0H42M
C7175 10:34,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:00,Dongguan 0H26M
C7075 10:42,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:08,Dongguan 0H26M
C7015 11:02,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:32,Dongguan 0H30M
C7191 11:10,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:40,Dongguan 0H30M
C7101 11:22,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:48,Dongguan 0H26M
D7513 11:30,Guangzhou Dong(East) 11:56,Dongguan 0H26M
C7085 11:34,Guangzhou 12:17,Dongguan 0H43M
C7095 11:38,Guangzhou Dong(East) 12:04,Dongguan 0H26M
C7149 12:00,Guangzhou Dong(East) 12:26,Dongguan 0H26M
C7139 12:06,Guangzhou 12:50,Dongguan 0H44M
C7129 12:08,Guangzhou Dong(East) 12:34,Dongguan 0H26M
D7533 12:16,Guangzhou Dong(East) 12:42,Dongguan 0H26M
C7111 12:32,Guangzhou Dong(East) 12:58,Dongguan 0H26M
D2381 12:40,Guangzhou Dong(East) 13:06,Dongguan 0H26M
C7005 12:46,Guangzhou 13:30,Dongguan 0H44M
C7035 12:48,Guangzhou Dong(East) 13:14,Dongguan 0H26M
C7025 13:14,Guangzhou Dong(East) 13:40,Dongguan 0H26M
C7057 13:24,Guangzhou Dong(East) 13:50,Dongguan 0H26M
C7167 13:34,Guangzhou Dong(East) 14:00,Dongguan 0H26M
C7047 13:44,Guangzhou Dong(East) 14:10,Dongguan 0H26M
C7177 13:46,Guangzhou 14:28,Dongguan 0H42M
C7077 13:53,Guangzhou Dong(East) 14:19,Dongguan 0H26M
C7067 14:12,Guangzhou Dong(East) 14:38,Dongguan 0H26M
C7017 14:30,Guangzhou 15:14,Dongguan 0H44M
C7193 14:32,Guangzhou Dong(East) 14:58,Dongguan 0H26M
D7509 14:40,Guangzhou Dong(East) 15:06,Dongguan 0H26M
C7103 14:56,Guangzhou Dong(East) 15:22,Dongguan 0H26M
C7097 15:04,Guangzhou Dong(East) 15:30,Dongguan 0H26M
C7087 15:14,Guangzhou Dong(East) 15:40,Dongguan 0H26M
C7151 15:16,Guangzhou 15:58,Dongguan 0H42M
C7131 15:24,Guangzhou Dong(East) 15:50,Dongguan 0H26M
C7141 15:40,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:06,Dongguan 0H26M
D7517 15:48,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:14,Dongguan 0H26M
C7113 15:56,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:22,Dongguan 0H26M
C7037 16:05,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:31,Dongguan 0H26M
C7007 16:22,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:48,Dongguan 0H26M
C7027 16:30,Guangzhou 17:14,Dongguan 0H44M
C7059 16:32,Guangzhou Dong(East) 16:58,Dongguan 0H26M
D7505 16:40,Guangzhou Dong(East) 17:06,Dongguan 0H26M
C7169 16:54,Guangzhou Dong(East) 17:22,Dongguan 0H28M
C7049 17:07,Guangzhou Dong(East) 17:33,Dongguan 0H26M
C7079 17:17,Guangzhou Dong(East) 17:43,Dongguan 0H26M
C7179 17:26,Guangzhou Dong(East) 17:52,Dongguan 0H26M
C7195 17:35,Guangzhou Dong(East) 18:01,Dongguan 0H26M
C7069 17:37,Guangzhou 18:21,Dongguan 0H44M
D7529 18:03,Guangzhou Dong(East) 18:29,Dongguan 0H26M
C7019 18:08,Guangzhou 18:54,Dongguan 0H46M
C7105 18:10,Guangzhou Dong(East) 18:37,Dongguan 0H27M
C7099 18:20,Guangzhou Dong(East) 18:46,Dongguan 0H26M
C7089 18:39,Guangzhou Dong(East) 19:05,Dongguan 0H26M
C7185 18:49,Guangzhou Dong(East) 19:15,Dongguan 0H26M
C7133 18:54,Guangzhou 19:35,Dongguan 0H41M
C7153 18:56,Guangzhou Dong(East) 19:23,Dongguan 0H27M
C7143 19:17,Guangzhou Dong(East) 19:43,Dongguan 0H26M
C7115 19:27,Guangzhou Dong(East) 19:53,Dongguan 0H26M
C7039 19:35,Guangzhou 20:19,Dongguan 0H44M
C7009 19:37,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:03,Dongguan 0H26M
D7521 19:45,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:11,Dongguan 0H26M
C7061 20:01,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:27,Dongguan 0H26M
C7029 20:11,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:37,Dongguan 0H26M
C7171 20:19,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:45,Dongguan 0H26M
C7183 20:27,Guangzhou Dong(East) 20:53,Dongguan 0H26M
C7051 20:36,Guangzhou Dong(East) 21:02,Dongguan 0H26M
C7181 20:41,Guangzhou Dong(East) 21:10,Dongguan 0H29M
C7081 20:45,Guangzhou 21:27,Dongguan 0H42M
C7197 20:52,Guangzhou Dong(East) 21:18,Dongguan 0H26M
C7071 21:18,Guangzhou 22:00,Dongguan 0H42M
C7107 21:20,Guangzhou Dong(East) 21:46,Dongguan 0H26M
C7091 21:47,Guangzhou Dong(East) 22:13,Dongguan 0H26M
C7187 22:05,Guangzhou Dong(East) 22:31,Dongguan 0H26M
C7135 22:20,Guangzhou 22:58,Dongguan 0H38M
C7011 22:44,Guangzhou Dong(East) 23:10,Dongguan 0H26M

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