Guangzhou to Zhaoqing High-Speed Trains

The 85km high-speed railway links two cities in Guangdong Province: Guangzhou and Zhaoqing. 99 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing between 06:52AM and 09:17PM every day. The duration is around 45 minutes and the ticket prices are USD8 to USD11. The fastest train D1874 with a maximum speed of 200 km/h finishs the journey in 34 minutes.

There are four major railway stations in Guangzhou: Guangzhou South, Guangzhou East, Guangzhou North, Guangzhou Railway Station, and two high-speed railway stations in Zhaoqing: Zhaoqing Railway Station(Chinese Name: 肇庆), and Zhaoqing East Railway Station(Chinese Name: 肇庆东).

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Guangzhou South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Zhaoqing

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Timetable of 99 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D3802 06:52, Guangzhou Nan (South) 07:34, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D1862 06:57, Guangzhou Nan (South) 07:32, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
G9748 07:05, Guangzhou Nan (South) 07:50, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H45M
D2966 07:07, Guangzhou Nan (South) 07:48, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D2992 07:13, Guangzhou Nan (South) 07:54, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
C6891 07:13, Guangzhou 08:28, Zhaoqing 1H15M
D1849 07:23, Guangzhou 08:00, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H37M
D3602 07:36, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:18, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
G2912 07:37, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:13, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3810 07:42, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:24, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3604 07:56, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:38, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3606 08:06, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:48, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3752 08:11, Guangzhou Nan (South) 08:53, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3608 08:22, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:04, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
C6879 08:30, Guangzhou 09:48, Zhaoqing 1H18M
D3706 08:32, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:20, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H48M
D2806 08:42, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:17, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D3818 08:47, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:28, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D1882 09:06, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:41, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D3710 09:10, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:46, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D2944 09:11, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:52, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D2364 09:16, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:52, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D1810 09:17, Guangzhou Nan (South) 09:57, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H40M
D7551 09:19, Guangzhou 10:13, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H54M
D1762 09:26, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:06, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H40M
D3782 09:41, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:27, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H46M
D3826 09:54, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:36, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3719 09:56, Guangzhou 10:42, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H46M
D2812 10:05, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:40, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D3714 10:06, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:47, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D2368 10:11, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:52, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D1764 10:16, Guangzhou Nan (South) 10:57, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D1818 10:31, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:07, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
C6893 10:32, Guangzhou 11:53, Zhaoqing 1H21M
D1756 10:43, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:24, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D3610 10:53, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:35, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D1754 10:55, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:40, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H45M
C6899 11:05, Guangzhou 12:17, Zhaoqing 1H12M
D3838 11:06, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:48, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
G4512 11:12, Guangzhou Nan (South) 11:47, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D2877 11:21, Guangzhou 12:04, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H43M
D3756 11:24, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:00, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3842 11:27, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:08, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D2948 11:34, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:10, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3722 11:41, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:16, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D3846 11:47, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:30, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H43M
C6881 11:53, Guangzhou 13:10, Zhaoqing 1H17M
D3726 11:53, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:35, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3612 12:15, Guangzhou Nan (South) 12:51, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3730 12:25, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:01, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D1826 12:30, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:11, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D3850 12:32, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:07, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D1857 12:34, Guangzhou 13:23, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H49M
D3758 12:38, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:14, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3760 12:58, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:48, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H50M
D3614 13:08, Guangzhou Nan (South) 13:57, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H49M
D2960 13:27, Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:04, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H37M
D2972 13:34, Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:09, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
C7087 13:46, Guangzhou 14:55, Zhaoqing 1H9M
D3616 13:50, Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:32, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3677 14:01, Guangzhou 14:58, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H57M
D3786 14:05, Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:41, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3858 14:11, Guangzhou Nan (South) 14:52, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D1872 14:25, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:05, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H40M
D3734 14:30, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:12, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
C6889 14:31, Guangzhou 15:39, Zhaoqing 1H8M
D3738 14:38, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:20, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
G2906 14:58, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:34, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
C6883 15:01, Guangzhou 16:24, Zhaoqing 1H23M
D3790 15:01, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:44, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H43M
D1874 15:08, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:42, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H34M
D2834 15:15, Guangzhou Nan (South) 15:56, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
G2930 15:28, Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:09, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
G320 15:43, Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:18, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
D2976 15:44, Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:23, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H39M
D3862 15:50, Guangzhou Nan (South) 16:33, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H43M
C6895 16:11, Guangzhou 17:33, Zhaoqing 1H22M
D3746 16:30, Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:12, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D2838 16:44, Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:25, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
G2916 16:47, Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:23, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D2840 16:52, Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:33, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
D7474 17:02, Guangzhou Nan (South) 17:42, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H40M
G9746 17:22, Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:08, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H46M
D7567 17:43, Guangzhou 18:42, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H59M
D7478 17:51, Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:27, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3630 18:02, Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:48, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H46M
D2842 18:07, Guangzhou Nan (South) 18:42, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H35M
C6885 18:11, Guangzhou 19:30, Zhaoqing 1H19M
D3634 18:37, Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:19, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3636 18:43, Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:30, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H47M
D2984 18:48, Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:24, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H36M
D3638 19:01, Guangzhou Nan (South) 19:49, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H48M
D2995 19:23, Guangzhou 20:02, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H39M
D3640 19:35, Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:17, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H42M
D3644 19:49, Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:37, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H48M
D3642 19:55, Guangzhou Nan (South) 20:32, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H37M
C6897 20:00, Guangzhou 21:13, Zhaoqing 1H13M
D2970 20:24, Guangzhou Nan (South) 21:05, Zhaoqing Dong (East) 0H41M
C6887 21:17, Guangzhou 22:22, Zhaoqing 1H5M

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