/ Hangzhou East Railway Station

Layout Map of Hangzhou East Railway Station

Hangzhou East Railway Station has 5 floors, including east square, high-speed rails station and west square. The metro line 1 and line 4 connects the station and Hangzhou downtown. There is one Hangzhou Airport City Terminal on West Square where the passenger can check in their flight and can take the airport bus to Hangzhou Airport.

Mezzanine of 2F Commercial Area, restaurants, including Chinese foods, KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks
2F Four entrances, South ticket office, North 1 ticket office, North 2 ticket office, departures hall, waiting loung, business lounge, Taxi drop-off area
1F Train platforms, railway tracks, transfers
B1 Arrival hall, Exits, three Taxi Pick-up Areas, one ticket office, West Square, East Square, Hangzhou Airport City Terminal, Airport bus station
B2 Metro Line 1 and Line 4 station
B3 Metro Line 1 and Line 4 platform

layout, plan, map of Hangzhou East Railway Station