Hangzhou to Yiwu High-Speed Trains

The 109 km high-speed railway links Hangzhou and Yiwu. 89 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Hangzhou to Yiwu between 06:00AM and 09:53PM every day. The duration is around 30 minutes - 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD12 to USD29. The fastest train G2365 with a maximum speed of 280 km/h finishs the journey in 32 minutes.

There are two major railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou East, Hangzhou Railway Station, and one railway station in Yiwu: Yiwu Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Hangzhou East and arrive at Yiwu Railway Station.

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Hangzhou East Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Yiwu

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Timetable of 89 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7341 06:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 06:32,Yiwu 0H32M
G7471 06:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 07:27,Yiwu 0H40M
G1321 06:59,Hangzhou Dong (East) 07:38,Yiwu 0H39M
D3211 07:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 07:45,Yiwu 0H35M
G7331 07:18,Hangzhou Dong (East) 07:56,Yiwu 0H38M
G7333 07:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:05,Yiwu 0H39M
G1421 07:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:10,Yiwu 0H39M
G1383 07:48,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:20,Yiwu 0H32M
G1403 07:53,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:32,Yiwu 0H39M
G1651 08:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:42,Yiwu 0H39M
G1417 08:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:47,Yiwu 0H33M
G2365 08:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:52,Yiwu 0H32M
G1371 08:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:57,Yiwu 0H32M
G7625 08:29,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:02,Yiwu 0H33M
G1341 08:35,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:07,Yiwu 0H32M
G1667 08:39,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:12,Yiwu 0H33M
G7643 09:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:57,Yiwu 0H49M
G1505 09:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:52,Yiwu 0H33M
G1337 09:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:05,Yiwu 0H39M
G1379 09:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:10,Yiwu 0H40M
G7467 09:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:32,Yiwu 0H51M
G1661 09:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:28,Yiwu 0H34M
G1503 09:59,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:38,Yiwu 0H39M
G7325 10:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:47,Yiwu 0H43M
G7349 10:09,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:42,Yiwu 0H33M
G7635 10:13,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:52,Yiwu 0H39M
G1655 10:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:58,Yiwu 0H32M
G1377 10:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:03,Yiwu 0H32M
G7627 10:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:13,Yiwu 0H33M
G7379 11:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:47,Yiwu 0H40M
G7691 11:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:56,Yiwu 0H33M
G1301 11:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:02,Yiwu 0H32M
G1391 11:43,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:16,Yiwu 0H33M
G1349 11:52,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:31,Yiwu 0H39M
G1375 12:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:49,Yiwu 0H39M
G7695 12:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:54,Yiwu 0H40M
G7619 12:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:59,Yiwu 0H40M
G7461 12:24,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:04,Yiwu 0H40M
G1451 12:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:12,Yiwu 0H42M
G1333 12:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:24,Yiwu 0H43M
G1731 12:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:19,Yiwu 0H34M
G1965 12:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:29,Yiwu 0H34M
G7345 13:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:34,Yiwu 0H34M
G7591 13:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:39,Yiwu 0H32M
G2335 13:17,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:50,Yiwu 0H33M
G1387 13:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:55,Yiwu 0H32M
G1633 13:28,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:00,Yiwu 0H32M
G7335 13:37,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:16,Yiwu 0H39M
G1369 13:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:21,Yiwu 0H39M
G7621 13:44,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:41,Yiwu 0H57M
G1659 13:53,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:25,Yiwu 0H32M
G7375 13:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:30,Yiwu 0H32M
G1389 14:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:36,Yiwu 0H32M
G7495 14:13,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:58,Yiwu 0H45M
G1679 14:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:52,Yiwu 0H33M
G1355 14:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:24,Yiwu 0H34M
G1897 14:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:28,Yiwu 0H34M
G1675 15:17,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:50,Yiwu 0H33M
G7347 15:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:59,Yiwu 0H32M
G1495 15:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:04,Yiwu 0H33M
G1635 15:38,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:10,Yiwu 0H32M
G33 15:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:15,Yiwu 0H33M
G1637 16:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:57,Yiwu 0H32M
G7337 16:35,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:07,Yiwu 0H32M
D3235 16:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:30,Yiwu 0H48M
G1483 16:52,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:25,Yiwu 0H33M
G7465 17:09,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:49,Yiwu 0H40M
G163 17:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:55,Yiwu 0H40M
G7321 17:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:02,Yiwu 0H39M
G7473 17:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:22,Yiwu 0H46M
G1361 17:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:17,Yiwu 0H32M
G7463 17:49,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:43,Yiwu 0H54M
G1677 17:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:28,Yiwu 0H33M
G1433 18:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:33,Yiwu 0H33M
G7615 18:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:48,Yiwu 0H33M
G1363 18:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:53,Yiwu 0H32M
G1641 18:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:30,Yiwu 0H35M
G7367 19:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:47,Yiwu 0H39M
G7371 19:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:02,Yiwu 0H39M
G1395 19:33,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:06,Yiwu 0H33M
G7339 19:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:19,Yiwu 0H39M
G1227 20:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:43,Yiwu 0H43M
G7629 20:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:38,Yiwu 0H34M
G7381 20:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:00,Yiwu 0H39M
G7655 20:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:10,Yiwu 0H40M
G7491 20:39,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:18,Yiwu 0H39M
G1881 20:49,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:30,Yiwu 0H41M
G45 21:35,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:15,Yiwu 0H40M
G7383 21:53,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:32,Yiwu 0H39M

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