Hangzhou to Wuxi High-Speed Trains

The 280km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Hangzhou and Wuxi. 28 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Hangzhou to Wuxi between 08:11AM and 08:43PM every day. The duration is around 1.5 hours - 2 hours and the ticket prices are USD25 to USD68. The fastest train G42 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 1h30m.

There are two major railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou East, Hangzhou Railway Station, and two railway stations in Wuxi: Wuxi East, Wuxi Railway Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Hangzhou East and arrive at Wuxi Railway Station.

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Hangzhou East Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Wuxi

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Timetable of 28 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7372 08:11,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:21,Wuxi 2H10M
G7564 08:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:27,Wuxi 1H53M
G7194 09:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:46,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H32M
G42 09:24,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:54,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H30M
G7572 09:57,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:59,Wuxi 2H2M
G7316 10:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:23,Huishan 2H11M
G7586 10:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:41,Wuxi 1H56M
G7576 11:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:57,Wuxi 1H53M
G1584 13:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:36,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H29M
G7390 13:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:12,Wuxi 1H38M
D3142 14:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:54,Wuxi 2H0M
G7592 15:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:11,Wuxixinqu 2H10M
G7376 15:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:26,Wuxi 1H46M
G44 16:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:58,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H43M
D3136 16:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:04,Wuxi 2H23M
G7192 17:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:39,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H38M
G7600 17:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:10,Wuxi Dong (East) 2H4M
G7520 17:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:23,Wuxi 1H58M
D3126 17:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:59,Wuxi 2H29M
G7590 17:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:38,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H53M
G7584 17:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:11,Wuxi 2H16M
G1510 18:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:51,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H45M
G1378 18:28,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:03,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H35M
G7588 18:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:47,Wuxi 1H53M
G7596 19:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:48,Wuxi Dong (East) 1H36M
G7582 19:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:34,Wuxi 2H7M
D2282 20:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:10,Wuxi 2H9M
G7350 20:43,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:24,Wuxi 1H41M

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