Hangzhou to Nanjing High-Speed Trains

The 259 km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Hangzhou and Nanjing. 123 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Hangzhou to Nanjing between 00:27AM and 09:47PM every day. The duration is around 1 hour - 2 hours and the ticket prices are USD23 to USD62. The fastest train G32 with a maximum speed of 350 km/h finishs the journey in 1h2m.

There are two major railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou East, Hangzhou Railway Station, and two railway stations in Nanjing: Nanjing South, Nanjing Railway Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Hangzhou East and arrive at Nanjing South Railway Station.

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Hangzhou East Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Nanjing

Ticket Cost & Train Timetable

Ticket Prices

Second Class Seat First Class Seat Business Class Seat
USD23 USD35/td> USD62

Timetable of 117 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G254 06:31,Hangzhou 08:14,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H43M
G7686 06:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:25,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H35M
G34 06:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H36M
G1874 07:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H33M
G1862 07:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:36,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G1866 07:38,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H50M
D2222 07:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H55M
G20 07:48,Hangzhou Dong (East) 08:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H8M
G7492 07:49,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:08,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H19M
D656 08:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:59,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H49M
G7372 08:11,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H21M
G594 08:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H31M
G1882 08:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H55M
G1224 08:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 09:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G7564 08:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H9M
D2262 08:44,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:44,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H0M
G7398 08:49,Hangzhou 10:51,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H2M
G58 08:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:07,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H17M
G36 09:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G590 09:18,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:39,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G42 09:24,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H23M
G7452 09:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 10:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
G7640 09:33,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:01,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G7386 09:35,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H56M
G46 09:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H23M
G7632 09:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G7572 09:57,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H23M
G1228 10:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:52,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H50M
D2246 10:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H35M
G7674 10:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 11:57,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H42M
G1672 10:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G7576 11:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:14,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H10M
G1492 11:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:38,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H33M
G7670 11:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H31M
G1894 11:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:29,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H9M
G38 11:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 12:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G168 11:39,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:15,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H36M
G1496 12:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:25,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G7604 12:09,Hangzhou Dong (East) 13:30,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G7616 12:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:05,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H39M
G56 12:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H33M
G32 13:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:02,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H2M
G7678 13:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:26,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G7606 13:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G7662 13:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
D3236 13:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 14:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G1482 13:29,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H31M
G164 13:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:11,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H30M
D2196 13:51,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H32M
G1870 13:56,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H35M
G282 14:02,Hangzhou 15:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H43M
G7608 14:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:36,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H32M
G1676 14:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:50,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H35M
G7454 14:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 15:55,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
G52 14:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H30M
D3142 14:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:08,Nanjing 3H14M
G7692 14:57,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:30,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H33M
G7592 15:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H40M
G1962 15:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:22,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H19M
G166 15:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
D2188 15:16,Hangzhou 17:02,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H46M
G7656 15:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H49M
G7376 15:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H57M
G60 15:43,Hangzhou Dong (East) 16:58,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H15M
G7690 16:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H45M
G7660 16:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H18M
G44 16:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:50,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H35M
D2192 16:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H40M
G1484 16:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:02,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H41M
G1898 16:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 17:44,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H10M
D3136 16:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:28,Nanjing 3H47M
G582 16:43,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:14,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H31M
G1666 16:51,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
G1890 16:53,Hangzhou 18:26,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H33M
D3296 16:56,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H50M
G7192 17:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:33,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H32M
G7600 17:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:18,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H12M
G7456 17:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 18:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G7696 17:24,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H36M
G7520 17:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H15M
D3126 17:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:16,Nanjing 3H46M
D718 17:32,Hangzhou 21:34,Nanjing 4H2M
G62 17:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H37M
G7590 17:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H52M
G7646 17:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:36,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H46M
G7584 17:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:21,Nanjing 3H26M
G7644 17:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:21,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H26M
G64 18:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H31M
G1966 18:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H44M
G1510 18:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:52,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H46M
G7682 18:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G7626 18:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 19:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G1378 18:28,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H36M
G7610 18:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:09,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H38M
G7652 18:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H32M
G1732 18:46,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H37M
G7588 18:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H10M
G40 19:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H4M
G1662 19:05,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H41M
G1380 19:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:18,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H8M
G7596 19:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H30M
G7636 19:15,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H22M
G7642 19:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G2336 19:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 20:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G7582 19:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 3H18M
G7620 19:34,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
G7394 19:55,Hangzhou 21:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H48M
G7666 19:56,Hangzhou Dong (East) 21:25,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H29M
D2282 20:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 23:12,Nanjing 3H11M
D712 20:05,Hangzhou 00:03,Nanjing 3H58M
G1504 20:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:10,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G7350 20:43,Hangzhou Dong (East) 23:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 2H45M
G7460 21:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G1668 21:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:36,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H28M
G7630 21:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:52,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M
G7628 21:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 22:57,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H16M
G1506 21:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 23:08,Nanjing Nan (South) 1H21M

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