Xian North Railway Station,Xian Bei Train Station

Xian North Railway Station

Operated on Jan 11 2011, Xian North Railway Station (Chinese name 西安北站, Xian Bei) is located in Weiyang District of Xi'an, round 10km north of Xian urban center. The station is a high-speed rail hub that covers 330,000 square metre, and has 18 platforms and 34 railway tracks. Xian North Railway Station is mainly serving 252 high-speed trains per day, including Xian - Beijing High-Speed Railway, Zhengzhou – Xian High-Speed Railway, Xi'an – Lanzhou High-Speed Railway, and Xi'an–Chengdu high-speed railway.

Xian North Railway Station, Xian North high speed train station

Xian North Railway Station has 4 floors, including south square, high-speed rails station and north square. The Metro Line 2 and Line 4 connects the station with Xian's urban center. The airport intercity railway was operated on Sep 29 2019 that links Xian North Railway Station and Xian Xianyang Airport (XIY)

Mezzanine of 2F Commercial Area, restaurants, including Chinese foods, KFC, McDonalds
2F Departures hall, 3 ticket office, Taxi drop-off area
1F Train platforms, Transfers, two ticket offices
B1 Arrival hall, Exits, three Taxi Pick-up Areas, Metro Line 2 station - Beikezhan, South Square, North Square
B2 Metro Line 2 platforms

Location and Map

Address: Yuanshuo Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, Shan'xi Province, China

Map of Xian North Railway station, Xian Bei Train Station