/ Xian North Railway Station

Arrival Procedures at Xian North Railway Station

What are arrival procedures at Xian North Railway Station?

They are included get off the trains, check out at exits, find one transport way to leave the station.

Step 1: After get off the train, pleast follow directional signs to exits.

Step 2: And then please show your passport to station staff to check out. The staff will scan your passport to check your identity document and your ticket.

Step 3: Leave Xian North Railway Station by metro, bus or taxi.

Tip: There is no bus or metro after 23:00. And there will be many passengers lining up for Taxi . So it is strongly recommended that you book a car in advance to pick up you if your train arrives at Xian North Railway station after 23:00.

Arrivals of Xian North Railway Station, Xian Bei high speed train station

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