Xian to Hushan High-Speed Trains

The 121km high-speed railway links Xian and Huashan. 59 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Xian to Huashan between 06:26AM and 07:35PM every day. The duration is around 35 minutes and the ticket prices are USD13 to USD30. The fastest train G858 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 30 minutes.

There are two major railway stations in Xian: Xian North , Xian Railway Station, and one high speed railway station in Huashan: Huashan North Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Xian North and arrive at Huashan North Railway Station.

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Xian North Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Xian to Pingyao

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Timetable of 59 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G1914 06:26, Xian Bei (North) 07:04, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G1900 07:30, Xian Bei (North) 08:08, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G1844 07:40, Xian Bei (North) 08:19, Huashan Bei (North) 0H39M
G2678 08:03, Xian Bei (North) 08:33, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G2002 08:10, Xian Bei (North) 08:40, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1712 08:15, Xian Bei (North) 08:53, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G2052 08:27, Xian Bei (North) 09:05, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G3154 08:41, Xian Bei (North) 09:11, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1896 08:53, Xian Bei (North) 09:23, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G3186 08:58, Xian Bei (North) 09:28, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G3162 09:05, Xian Bei (North) 09:35, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G672 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G1918 09:23, Xian Bei (North) 10:01, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G2686 10:28, Xian Bei (North) 10:58, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G866 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G824 11:01, Xian Bei (North) 11:31, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G660 11:07, Xian Bei (North) 11:37, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G3166 11:12, Xian Bei (North) 11:42, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1294 11:17, Xian Bei (North) 11:55, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G834 11:30, Xian Bei (North) 12:00, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1714 11:35, Xian Bei (North) 12:05, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G862 11:40, Xian Bei (North) 12:10, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G642 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G1840 12:05, Xian Bei (North) 12:48, Huashan Bei (North) 0H43M
G2204 12:12, Xian Bei (North) 12:42, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1926 12:23, Xian Bei (North) 12:54, Huashan Bei (North) 0H31M
G838 12:28, Xian Bei (North) 12:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H31M
G828 12:33, Xian Bei (North) 13:11, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G1282 13:06, Xian Bei (North) 13:36, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G3178 13:11, Xian Bei (North) 13:41, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G430 13:17, Xian Bei (North) 13:47, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G842 13:22, Xian Bei (North) 13:53, Huashan Bei (North) 0H31M
G2096 13:35, Xian Bei (North) 14:05, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1884 13:40, Xian Bei (North) 14:10, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1836 13:45, Xian Bei (North) 14:15, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1972 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G574 14:09, Xian Bei (North) 14:39, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G854 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G3182 14:20, Xian Bei (North) 14:50, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G2088 14:26, Xian Bei (North) 14:56, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1702 14:31, Xian Bei (North) 15:15, Huashan Bei (North) 0H44M
G664 14:38, Xian Bei (North) 15:08, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G308 14:47, Xian Bei (North) 15:25, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G1976 14:57, Xian Bei (North) 15:35, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G858 15:17, Xian Bei (North) 15:47, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1876 15:23, Xian Bei (North) 15:53, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G666 16:02, Xian Bei (North) 16:32, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1834 16:09, Xian Bei (North) 16:39, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G1880 16:26, Xian Bei (North) 16:56, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G2216 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G2206 17:16, Xian Bei (North) 17:46, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G674 17:21, Xian Bei (North) 17:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G668 17:35, Xian Bei (North) 18:05, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G2208 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
G670 17:59, Xian Bei (North) 18:37, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G2022 18:09, Xian Bei (North) 18:47, Huashan Bei (North) 0H38M
G2026 19:25, Xian Bei (North) 19:55, Huashan Bei (North) 0H30M
G2210 23:59, Xian Bei (North) 23:59, Huashan Bei (North) 0H34M
D308 19:35, Xian Bei (North) 20:17, Huashan Bei (North) 0H42M

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