Tianjin to Beijing High-Speed Trains

The 117km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Tianjin and Beijing. 158 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Tianjin to Beijing between 04:41AM and 11:00PM every day. The duration is around 30 minutes - 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD13 to USD32. The fastest train C2646 with a maximum speed of 220 km/h finishs the journey in 30 minutes.

There are three railway stations in Tianjin: Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station,Tianjin South Railway Station, and five railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Qinghe, Beijing North, Beijing South, Beijing West, Beijing Railway Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Tianjin or Tianjin West, and arrive at Beijing South Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Tianjin to Beijing for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Tianjin West Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Tianjin to Beijing

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Timetable of 158 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D336 04:41,Tianjin Xi(West) 06:03,Beijing 1H22M
C2608 05:50,Tianjin Xi(West) 06:30,Beijing Nan (South) 0H40M
D718 05:53,Tianjin Xi(West) 07:07,Beijing 1H14M
C2002 06:05,Tianjin 06:35,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2610 06:09,Tianjin Xi(West) 06:41,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2202 06:16,Tianjin 06:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2614 06:31,Tianjin Xi(West) 07:03,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2004 06:38,Tianjin 07:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2204 06:43,Tianjin 07:20,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2616 06:52,Tianjin Xi(West) 07:35,Beijing Nan (South) 0H43M
C2552 07:04,Tianjin 07:41,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2206 07:20,Tianjin 07:57,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G8912 07:22,Tianjin Xi(West) 08:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H46M
G9004 07:47,Tianjin Nan(South) 08:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H36M
C2008 07:48,Tianjin 08:18,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2554 07:53,Tianjin 08:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2622 07:58,Tianjin Xi(West) 08:30,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2010 08:05,Tianjin 08:35,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G8936 08:09,Tianjin Nan(South) 08:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H44M
D706 08:10,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:24,Beijing 1H14M
C2208 08:23,Tianjin 09:00,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2624 08:34,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:06,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2556 08:42,Tianjin 09:12,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2014 08:47,Tianjin 09:17,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G8918 08:50,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2558 08:57,Tianjin 09:34,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G336 08:59,Tianjin Nan(South) 09:33,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G8924 09:01,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:48,Beijing Nan (South) 0H47M
C2018 09:14,Tianjin 09:44,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2626 09:19,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:51,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G8902 09:20,Tianjin Xi(West) 10:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H48M
C2628 09:27,Tianjin Xi(West) 09:59,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2020 09:36,Tianjin 10:06,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G8920 09:44,Tianjin Xi(West) 10:22,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2022 09:46,Tianjin 10:16,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G208 09:53,Tianjin Nan(South) 10:33,Beijing Nan (South) 0H40M
C2560 09:55,Tianjin 10:32,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2630 10:05,Tianjin Xi(West) 10:37,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2210 10:12,Tianjin 10:49,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2024 10:30,Tianjin 11:00,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2562 10:35,Tianjin 11:05,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G1568 10:41,Tianjin Nan(South) 11:18,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2026 10:50,Tianjin 11:20,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2564 10:56,Tianjin 11:26,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2030 11:08,Tianjin 11:38,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2212 11:13,Tianjin 11:50,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G498 11:14,Tianjin Xi(West) 11:52,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
G178 11:23,Tianjin Nan(South) 11:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
C2632 11:35,Tianjin Xi(West) 12:07,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2566 11:41,Tianjin 12:18,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2634 11:51,Tianjin Xi(West) 12:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2032 11:58,Tianjin 12:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2034 12:03,Tianjin 12:33,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2036 12:08,Tianjin 12:38,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G398 12:13,Binhai 13:18,Beijing Nan (South) 1H5M
C2638 12:19,Tianjin Xi(West) 12:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H39M
C2038 12:33,Tianjin 13:03,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2568 12:38,Tianjin 13:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G108 12:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 13:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2214 12:49,Tianjin 13:26,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G120 12:58,Tianjin Nan(South) 13:33,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
C2570 13:02,Tianjin 13:32,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2216 13:07,Tianjin 13:44,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G266 13:18,Tianjin Nan(South) 13:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H40M
C2572 13:19,Tianjin 13:49,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G112 13:27,Tianjin Nan(South) 14:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H41M
C2640 13:38,Tianjin Xi(West) 14:10,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2040 13:45,Tianjin 14:15,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2218 13:51,Tianjin 14:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2642 14:02,Tianjin Xi(West) 14:34,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2042 14:09,Tianjin 14:39,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G400 14:10,Tianjin Xi(West) 14:48,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2044 14:14,Tianjin 14:44,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2574 14:19,Tianjin 14:49,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G380 14:20,Tianjin Xi(West) 14:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2576 14:24,Tianjin 15:01,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G186 14:34,Tianjin Nan(South) 15:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2644 14:35,Tianjin Xi(West) 15:07,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2046 14:51,Tianjin 15:21,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2646 14:59,Tianjin Xi(West) 15:38,Beijing Nan (South) 0H39M
C2048 15:13,Tianjin 15:43,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2648 15:19,Tianjin Xi(West) 15:51,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2578 15:28,Tianjin 15:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2220 15:33,Tianjin 16:10,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G42 15:34,Tianjin Nan(South) 16:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2050 15:45,Tianjin 16:15,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G302 15:51,Tianjin Nan(South) 16:33,Beijing Nan (South) 0H42M
C2052 16:07,Tianjin 16:37,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2054 16:12,Tianjin 16:42,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2056 16:17,Tianjin 16:47,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2058 16:22,Tianjin 16:52,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G190 16:26,Tianjin Nan(South) 17:00,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2650 16:26,Tianjin Xi(West) 16:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G126 16:31,Tianjin Nan(South) 17:05,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
D6 16:36,undefined 17:23,Beijing 0H47M
C2060 16:38,Tianjin 17:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G192 16:40,Tianjin Nan(South) 17:14,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2652 16:46,Tianjin Xi(West) 17:18,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G220 16:53,Tianjin 17:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
C2654 17:03,Tianjin Xi(West) 17:35,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2222 17:10,Tianjin 17:47,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G28 17:17,Tianjin Nan(South) 17:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H36M
G264 17:22,Tianjin Nan(South) 17:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H36M
G38 17:28,Tianjin Nan(South) 18:09,Beijing Nan (South) 0H41M
C2582 17:35,Tianjin 18:05,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G168 17:39,Tianjin Nan(South) 18:13,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2660 17:41,Tianjin Xi(West) 18:13,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G132 17:58,Tianjin Nan(South) 18:32,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2224 17:59,Tianjin 18:36,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2226 18:10,Tianjin 18:47,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G56 18:18,Tianjin Nan(South) 18:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
G134 18:23,Tianjin Nan(South) 18:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
C2062 18:32,Tianjin 19:02,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G194 18:39,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:13,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2584 18:43,Tianjin 19:20,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G478 18:46,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
D6636 18:53,undefined 19:39,Beijing 0H46M
G138 18:54,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2064 18:55,Tianjin 19:25,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2586 19:00,Tianjin 19:30,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G14 19:01,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:36,Beijing Nan (South) 0H35M
G140 19:07,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:41,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G8928 19:08,Tianjin Xi(West) 19:46,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2066 19:09,Tianjin 19:39,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2068 19:16,Tianjin 19:46,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G164 19:19,Tianjin Nan(South) 19:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2664 19:22,Tianjin Xi(West) 19:54,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G394 19:27,Binhai 20:33,Beijing Nan (South) 1H6M
G470 19:29,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:03,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2666 19:32,Tianjin Xi(West) 20:04,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G474 19:34,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G324 19:39,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:13,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2588 19:40,Tianjin 20:10,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2590 19:55,Tianjin 20:25,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2668 20:00,Tianjin Xi(West) 20:32,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
G196 20:06,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:40,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G146 20:12,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:48,Beijing Nan (South) 0H36M
C2074 20:18,Tianjin 20:48,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G166 20:24,Tianjin Nan(South) 20:58,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
C2076 20:33,Tianjin 21:03,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2592 20:38,Tianjin 21:08,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2228 20:43,Tianjin 21:20,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
C2078 21:00,Tianjin 21:30,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2080 21:05,Tianjin 21:35,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2594 21:10,Tianjin 21:40,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G482 21:18,Tianjin Nan(South) 21:52,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G388 21:29,Tianjin Xi(West) 22:07,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2678 21:30,Tianjin Xi(West) 22:02,Beijing Nan (South) 0H32M
C2230 21:36,Tianjin 22:13,Beijing Nan (South) 0H37M
G152 21:38,Tianjin Nan(South) 22:12,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G356 21:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 22:23,Beijing Nan (South) 0H34M
G396 21:50,Tianjin Xi(West) 22:29,Beijing Nan (South) 0H39M
C2596 21:58,Tianjin 22:28,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G384 22:15,Tianjin Xi(West) 22:53,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M
C2086 22:29,Tianjin 22:59,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2088 22:34,Tianjin 23:04,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
C2090 22:39,Tianjin 23:09,Beijing Nan (South) 0H30M
G382 23:00,Tianjin Xi(West) 23:38,Beijing Nan (South) 0H38M

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