Beijing to Badaling Great Wall High-Speed Trains

Opened on Dec 30 2019, the new 70km high-speed railway links Beijing dowtwon and Badaling Great Wall - BadalingChangcheng. 12 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Beijing to Badaling Great Wall - BadalingChangcheng between 06:25AM and 18:49PM every day. The duration is around 30 minutes and the ticket prices are USD9 to USD17. The fastest train G8821 with a maximum speed of 250 km/h finishs the journey in 19 minutes.

There are five railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Qinghe, Beijing North, Beijing South, Beijing West, Beijing Railway Station, and one high-speed railway station at Badaling Great Wall: BadalingChangcheng Raiway Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Beijing North, Beijing Qinghe and arrive at Badaling Great Wall - BadalingChangcheng Railway Station.

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Beijing north Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Badaling Great Wall - BadalingChangcheng

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Timetable of 12 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G8821 06:25, Beijing Qinghe 06:44, Badaling Great Wall 0H19M
G2501 06:40, Beijing Bei (North) 07:14, Badaling Great Wall 0H34M
G4175 07:25, Beijing Qinghe 07:44, Badaling Great Wall 0H19M
G7871 07:40, Beijing Bei (North) 08:14, Badaling Great Wall 0H34M
G8823 09:30, Beijing Qinghe 09:55, Badaling Great Wall 0H25M
G2507 10:02, Beijing Qinghe 10:21, Badaling Great Wall 0H19M
G9101 11:37, Beijing Bei (North) 12:11, Badaling Great Wall 0H34M
G8825 12:40, Beijing Qinghe 13:05, Badaling Great Wall 0H25M
G8815 14:50, Beijing Bei (North) 15:23, Badaling Great Wall 0H33M
G8827 15:38, Beijing Qinghe 15:57, Badaling Great Wall 0H19M
G2485 16:07, Beijing Bei (North) 16:40, Badaling Great Wall 0H33M
G8829 18:49, Beijing Qinghe 19:14, Badaling Great Wall 0H25M

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