/ Guangzhou South Railway Station

Check-out at Guangzhou South Railway Station

What is check-out process at Guangzhou South Railway Station?

It is included get off the trains, check out at exits, find one transport way to leave station. Metro is mostly recommended.

Step 1: After get off the train, follow direction arrow sign to exits on 1F from station platform on 2F.

Step 2: Please show your passport to station staff to check out. The staff will scan your passport to check your identity document and your ticket. If your trains is from Hong Kong, please show your passport and train ticket to station staff to check out.

Step 3: Leave Guangzhou South Railway Station by different way subway, taxi and bus or car.

arrivals of Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou South high speed train station

Tip: There are no metro trains after 11:30pm. And there will be lots of passengers lining up for Taxi. So it is strongly recommended that you book a car in advance to pick up you if you arrive at Guangzhou South Railway station after 11:20pm。