/ Chengdu East Railway Station

Layout of Chengdu East Railway Station

Chengdu East Railway Station has 5 floors, one station terminal, east square and west square. Arrivals are on B1 and departures are on 2F. Metro line 2 and line 7 station is on B1.

Mezzanine of 2F Commercial Area and restaurants, including McDonalds
2F Entrance B and D, Departures hall, 2 ticket offices, Taxi drop-off area, some restaurants, including KFC and Starbucks.
1F Train platforms, Transfers, one ticket office, Entrance A
B1 Arrival hall, Exits, Taxi Pick-up Areas, Metro Line 2 and Line 7 station, West Square (Taxi, Airport bus station, parking lots), East Sqaure (Taxi, City bus station)
B2 Metro Line 2 platforms
B3 Metro Line 7 platforms

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