/ Shenzhen North Railway Station

Layout of Shenzhen North Railway Station

Shenzhen North Railway Station has 5 floors, east square and west square. Departure halls are on 2F and 3F. Metro Line 5 Station is on 1F, metro line 4 and line 6 stations are on 4F

West Square Plaza
1F Coach station, Immigration Inspection, Airport bus stop
B1 Parking Lots, Taxi Parking
B2 Parking Lots
Terminal of Railway Station
Commercial area, restaurants
3F Entrance, B1 departure hall, B1-B2 ticket office, B1-B2 Exit Entrance, A1 departure hall, A1-A2 ticket office, A1-A2 Exit,
2F High speed rail platforms, A2 departure hall, A3 ticket office
1F High speed rail platforms, Terminal
East Square Plaza
5F Metro Line 4 and Line 6 platform
4F Metro Line 4 and Line 6 station
3F Bus drop-off area, Taxi drop-off area
2F Tranfer Hall, Bus Pick-up Area, Taxi Pick-up Area
1F Tranfer Hall, Bus Pick-up Area, Taxi Pick-up Area, Metro Line 5 Staion

Layout Map

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