Nanjing to Zhenjiang High-Speed Trains

The 64km high-speed railway links Nanjing and Zhenjiang. 120 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Nanjing to Zhenjiang between 05:36AM and 09:28PM every day. The duration is around 20 minutes and the ticket prices are USD9 to USD21. The fastest train G1251 with a maximum speed of 220 km/h finishs the journey in 19 minutes.

There are two railway stations in Nanjing: Nanjing Railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station, and two railway stations in Zhenjiang: Zhenjiang South, Zhenjiang Railway Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Nanjing South and arrive at Zhenjiang Railway Station.

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Nanjing South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Nanjing to Zhenjiang

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Timetable of 120 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7029 05:36,Nanjing 05:56,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7031 05:54,Nanjing Nan (South) 06:20,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7101 06:12,Nanjing 06:32,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7035 06:30,Nanjing 06:50,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7581 06:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:15,Zhenjiang 0H28M
D705 06:51,Nanjing 07:22,Zhenjiang 0H31M
G1509 07:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:19,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7043 07:12,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:40,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G7505 07:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:32,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7039 07:15,Nanjing 07:35,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7103 07:19,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:45,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7271 07:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:50,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7349 07:30,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:49,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7389 07:33,Nanjing 07:55,Zhenjiang 0H22M
G1377 07:39,Nanjing Nan (South) 07:58,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
D2281 07:46,Nanjing 08:09,Zhenjiang 0H23M
D3135 08:09,Nanjing 08:32,Zhenjiang 0H23M
G7225 08:10,Nanjing Nan (South) 08:37,Zhenjiang 0H27M
G7105 08:40,Nanjing 09:07,Zhenjiang 0H27M
G7589 08:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:06,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7255 08:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:14,Zhenjiang 0H27M
G7147 09:01,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:27,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7107 09:10,Nanjing 09:32,Zhenjiang 0H22M
G7167 09:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:43,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7045 09:28,Nanjing 09:55,Zhenjiang 0H27M
G7599 09:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:51,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7591 09:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:08,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7109 09:55,Nanjing 10:15,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7221 09:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:24,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G7191 10:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:22,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G297 10:08,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:27,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7047 10:10,Nanjing 10:30,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7375 10:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:44,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7111 10:29,Nanjing 10:49,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7159 10:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:06,Zhenjiang 0H26M
D3013 11:16,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:45,Zhenjiang 0H29M
G101 11:16,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:35,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7595 11:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:40,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G1735 11:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:47,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7049 11:41,Nanjing 12:01,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G1805 11:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:06,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7051 12:08,Nanjing 12:29,Zhenjiang 0H21M
G1809 12:11,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:30,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7575 12:14,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:41,Zhenjiang 0H27M
G107 12:18,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:37,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G1775 12:38,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:58,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7131 12:38,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:04,Zhenjiang 0H26M
D3005 12:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:14,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G1767 13:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:25,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H21M
G7053 13:08,Nanjing 13:29,Zhenjiang 0H21M
G7079 13:09,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:35,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7127 13:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:50,Zhenjiang 0H26M
D3041 13:31,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:00,Zhenjiang 0H29M
G7115 13:33,Nanjing 13:55,Zhenjiang 0H22M
G115 13:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:00,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G1727 13:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:05,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G1813 13:51,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:10,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7571 13:57,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:23,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7231 14:02,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:28,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G119 14:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:44,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7057 14:27,Nanjing 14:47,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7135 14:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:53,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G2811 14:29,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:49,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7195 14:35,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:55,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7117 14:41,Nanjing 15:01,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7563 14:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:14,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7059 15:05,Nanjing 15:25,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7235 15:06,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:32,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7385 15:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:44,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7143 15:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:15,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7063 16:13,Nanjing 16:33,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G1955 16:15,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:35,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7119 16:18,Nanjing 16:38,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G675 16:21,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:41,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7243 16:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:54,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G129 16:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:47,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7239 16:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:15,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G1227 17:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:20,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
D2211 17:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:31,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G7121 17:05,Nanjing 17:25,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7267 17:11,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:37,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7491 17:19,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:45,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G1821 17:19,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:38,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G135 17:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:51,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G1825 17:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:56,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7285 17:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:08,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7155 17:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:15,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G1923 18:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:23,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7163 18:08,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:34,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G7295 18:09,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:28,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7065 18:09,Nanjing 18:29,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G1251 18:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:36,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7123 18:33,Nanjing 18:53,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G141 18:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:00,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G1213 18:44,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:04,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
D3089 18:49,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:10,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H21M
G7099 18:54,Nanjing 19:14,Zhenjiang 0H20M
D3071 18:58,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:26,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G145 19:05,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:24,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7087 19:07,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:33,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G575 19:10,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:30,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
D3067 19:12,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:40,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G225 19:19,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:38,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G1203 19:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:43,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
D3059 19:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:55,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G7067 19:43,Nanjing 20:03,Zhenjiang 0H20M
D3063 19:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:15,Zhenjiang 0H29M
G7125 19:48,Nanjing 20:08,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G1951 19:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:08,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G1969 19:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:15,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G7217 19:58,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:24,Zhenjiang 0H26M
D635 20:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:31,Zhenjiang 0H28M
D351 20:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:41,Zhenjiang 0H28M
D2205 20:18,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:46,Zhenjiang 0H28M
D3001 20:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:55,Zhenjiang 0H28M
G147 20:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:48,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H20M
G7069 20:39,Nanjing 20:59,Zhenjiang 0H20M
G7091 20:57,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:23,Zhenjiang 0H26M
G1973 20:57,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:16,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M
G1257 21:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:47,Zhenjiang Nan (south) 0H19M

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