Nanjing to Hefei High-Speed Trains

The 157km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Nanjing and Hefei. 93 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Nanjing to Hefei between 07:16AM and 09:46PM every day. The duration is around 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD15 to USD36. The fastest train G7253 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 52 minutes.

There are two railway stations in Nanjing: Nanjing Railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station, and two railway stations in Hefei: Hefei South, Hefei Railway Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Nanjing South and arrive at Hefei South Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Nanjing to Hefei for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Nanjing South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Nanjing to Hefei

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Timetable of 93 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D2373 07:16,Nanjing Nan (South) 08:08,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G1113 07:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 08:20,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3077 07:54,Nanjing Nan (South) 08:52,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D2255 08:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:28,Hefei Nan (South) 1H8M
G1773 08:25,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:18,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
D353 08:30,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:23,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G7687 08:35,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:37,Hefei 1H2M
G1545 08:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:41,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D637 08:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:46,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G599 09:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:52,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G1539 09:05,Nanjing Nan (South) 09:57,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3003 09:10,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:02,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2207 09:15,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:07,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3073 09:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:12,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G579 09:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:25,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3057 09:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:30,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D2223 09:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:43,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G595 09:50,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:48,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D2213 09:55,Nanjing Nan (South) 10:53,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G577 10:02,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:00,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7269 10:07,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:09,Hefei 1H2M
D657 10:12,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:15,Hefei Nan (South) 1H3M
D953 10:18,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:10,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G677 10:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:21,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7233 10:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:26,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3065 10:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:35,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G591 10:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:40,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D2263 10:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:45,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2217 11:06,Nanjing Nan (South) 11:58,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D957 11:16,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:08,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7633 11:21,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:13,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3023 11:27,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:19,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2271 11:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:36,Hefei Nan (South) 1H4M
G7373 11:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:30,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
D2247 11:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:41,Hefei Nan (South) 0H59M
G7565 11:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:46,Hefei Nan (South) 0H59M
G7675 12:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 12:58,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3091 12:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:05,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3061 12:28,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:21,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
D3069 12:33,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:26,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G7237 12:41,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:39,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7387 12:46,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:49,Hefei Nan (South) 1H3M
G7671 12:52,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:48,Hefei 0H56M
G1725 13:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 13:55,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7241 13:08,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:13,Hefei Nan (South) 1H5M
G7265 13:14,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:08,Hefei Nan (South) 0H54M
G7573 13:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:25,Hefei 1H2M
G7245 13:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:36,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G7487 13:51,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:49,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7617 14:07,Nanjing Nan (South) 14:59,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7577 14:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:15,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7679 14:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:25,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
D3081 14:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:35,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G1717 14:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:40,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7663 14:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 15:45,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7165 15:07,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:10,Hefei Nan (South) 1H3M
G1721 15:13,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:05,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7249 15:23,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:15,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2197 15:32,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:30,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3027 15:37,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:35,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G1743 15:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:45,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3083 15:54,Nanjing Nan (South) 16:52,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3007 16:04,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:02,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7277 16:15,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:11,Hefei 0H56M
G7693 16:34,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:32,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G1777 16:43,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:41,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7479 16:48,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:46,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3011 16:53,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:57,Hefei Nan (South) 1H4M
G7253 17:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 17:52,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2189 17:10,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:08,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G1737 17:15,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:13,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
D3033 17:24,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:35,Hefei Nan (South) 1H11M
G7657 17:29,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:22,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G1769 17:38,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:30,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D2193 17:59,Nanjing Nan (South) 18:57,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G1729 18:12,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:05,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G583 18:21,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:24,Hefei Nan (South) 1H3M
D3015 18:26,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:19,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G7197 18:35,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:33,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7377 18:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:38,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7457 18:50,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:43,Hefei Nan (South) 0H53M
G7223 18:56,Nanjing Nan (South) 19:52,Hefei 0H56M
D3043 19:12,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:12,Hefei Nan (South) 1H0M
G7647 19:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:36,Hefei 0H56M
G7257 19:45,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:41,Hefei 0H56M
G7683 19:50,Nanjing Nan (South) 20:42,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D3047 20:03,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:01,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7653 20:17,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:09,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7637 20:40,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:38,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7157 21:00,Nanjing Nan (South) 21:58,Hefei Nan (South) 0H58M
G7261 21:20,Nanjing Nan (South) 22:12,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
D5499 21:42,Nanjing Nan (South) 22:34,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M
G7597 21:47,Nanjing Nan (South) 22:39,Hefei Nan (South) 0H52M

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