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How to get from Tianjin South Railway Station to Binhai Airport (TSN)

Tianjin Binhai Airport(TSN) is located 35km northeast of Tianjin South Railway Station. Public transports from Tianjin South Railway Station are included Metro and taxi. Metro trains are mostly recommended. It takes around 50 minutes. And ticket price is RMB5 per person one way.

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Tianjin South Railway station to Tianjin Airport, TSN airport

Option 1, Metro line 3 + line 2, 35km, 50minutes, RMB5

The metro trains are the best way from Tianjin South Railway Station to Tianjin Binhai Airport.

First: Take Metro line 3 from Tianjin South Station(南站) to Tianjian Railway Station(Tianjinzhan: 天津站)

Passing Stations: 15, Duration: 28 minutes, Interval: 7 minutes, Operation Hours: 06:00 - 22:40

Then: Transfer Metro line 2 from Tianjian Railway Station(Tianjinzhan: 天津站) to Tianjin Binhai Airport(Binhaiguojijichang: 滨海国际机场)

Passing Stations: 9, Duration: 20 minutes, Interval: 4minutes, Operation Hours: 06:00 - 22:55

Total Ticket price: RMB5 one way

Metro line 2 to Tianjin Binhai Airport from Tianjin South Railway Station

Option 2, Taxi, RMB136, 38km, 1 hour 10 minutes

Taxi is one convenient and fast, but also the most expensive way to get to Tianjin Airport (TSN).

Taxi pick-up areas are on station square.

The taxi fare from Tianjin South Railway Station to Tianjin Binhai Airport (TSN) is around RMB136 and the duration is around 1 hour 10 minutes.

If you take the taxi, you can show the following Chinese sentence to Taxi driver:

司机, 请带我去天津滨海机场, 谢谢! (Please drive me to Tianjin Airport (TSN). thank you!)

Taxi to Tianjin South Railway Station

Tianjin South Railway Station

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