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Beijing West Railway Station Wifi Guide

Free wifi at Beijing West Railway Station

The passenger can use Beijing West Railway Station free WiFi access by their mobile phones or laptops in departure hall and transfer hall, no advertisement, authentification in 10 seconds. Now Moblie Phone SMS is served for more than 220 countries phone numbers, including USA, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan ect.

How can I use free WIFI at Beijing West Railway Station

Step 1: Open WIFI Setup in your cell phone or laptop, and choose the network / SSID "AirStation-FreeWiFi" or "My Beijing" to connect.

Step 2: Open any webpage through any browser in your mobile phone or laptop, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Step 3: On the webpage, you will find two following ways to make authentification to connect to internet:

A. Authentification via Moblie Phone SMS.

Please input your mobile phone number then click "Get Verification Code". You will receive a Verification Code SMS in seconds (Now it is served for more than 220 countries mobile phone numbers), Then type in Verification Code and click the "log in" button to connect to internet.

B. WeChat Authentification

If you have WeChat App and WeChat account, you can choose this one to make the verification and connect to internet.

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