Fuzhou to Jinjiang High-Speed Trains

The 180km high-speed railway links Fuzhou and Jinjiang. 9 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Fuzhou to Jinjiang between 07:10AM and 05:50PM every day. The duration is around 1 hour - 1.5 hours and the ticket prices are USD14 to USD34. The fastest train D2311 with a maximum speed of 200 km/h finishs the journey in 1h4m.

There are two railway stations in Fuzhou: Fuzhou South , Fuzhou Railway Station, and one railway station in Jinjiang, Jinjiang Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Fuzhou South and arrive at Jinjiang Railway Station.

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Fuzhou South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Fuzhou to Jinjiang

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Timetable of 9 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D2327 07:10,Fuzhou Nan (South) 08:38,Jinjiang 1H28M
D2311 07:57,Fuzhou Nan (South) 09:01,Jinjiang 1H4M
D6217 08:51,Fuzhou 10:20,Jinjiang 1H29M
D2303 10:17,Fuzhou Nan (South) 11:29,Jinjiang 1H12M
D2325 10:22,Fuzhou 11:51,Jinjiang 1H29M
D6381 13:42,Fuzhou Nan (South) 14:55,Jinjiang 1H13M
D6229 15:47,Fuzhou 17:12,Jinjiang 1H25M
D3135 17:29,Fuzhou Nan (South) 18:39,Jinjiang 1H10M
G1679 17:50,Fuzhou 19:21,Jinjiang 1H31M

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