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How to get from Taizicheng Railway Station to Olympic Village and Ski Resorts

As one venues of Beijing 2022 winter Olympics, there are seven ski resorts around Taizicheng town. And the Olympic Village center is just 3km away from Taizicheng Railway Station. Public transports are included bus and taxi.

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Option 1, Taxi

Taxi is one convenient and fast way to get to the Olympic Village center or your ski resort from Taizicheng Railway Station.

Taxi drop-off and pick-up areas are on station square.

Taxi Fee Standard

Day(6:00~23:00) Night (23:00~6:00)
0~2 km RMB7 RMB9
2km - 15km RMB2.6 per km RMB3 per km
Above 15km RMB3.4 per km RMB4.2 per km

Taxi to Taizicheng Railway Station

Option 2, Free shuttle Bus of ski resorts

Each ski resort offers free shuttle bus between Taizhicheng railway station and ski resort

Information between ski resorts in Chongli and Taizicheng Railwy Station

Ski Resorts
Phone Number
The Olympic Village   3KM Free Shuttle bus, Taxi
(86) 400-627-2525, 400-601-3300 1.4KM Free Shuttle bus , Taxi
Genting Resort Secret Garden (云顶滑雪场
) http://www.secretgardenresorts.com/
(86) 313 4788888 5.1KM Free Shuttle bus, Taxi
The Duolemeidi Ski Park (多乐美地滑雪场)   20.4KM Free Shuttle bus (8:00-9:50 from Taizicheng Railway Station, 14:30-16:20 from Ski resort, duration: 45 minutes), Taxi
FULONG SNOW PARK(富龙滑雪场)   24.3KM Free Shuttle bus (10:05 and 16:35 from Taizicheng Railway Station, 18:00 and 14:30  from Ski resort, duration: 45 minutes), Taxi
The Wanlong Paradise Resort (万龙滑雪场)
(86) 313 4617676, 4618888 32.7KM Free Shuttle bus (8:00-9:50 from Taizicheng Railway Station, 14:30-16:20 from Ski resort, duration: 50 minutes)), Taxi
Cuiyunshan Yinhe Ski Resort(翠云山银河滑雪场)
(86) 400-068-7788 35.9KM Free Shuttle bus (10:10 and 16:40 from Taizicheng Railway Station, 8:00 and 15:00, from Ski resort, duration: 50 minutes - 1 hour), Taxi
Chang Cheng Ling Scenic(长城岭滑雪场)
(86) 313 4619088 39.6KM Shuttle bus, Taxi

Ski Resort Bus to Taizicheng Railway Station

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