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How to get to Guilin West Railway Station by Taxi or Bus

Guilin West Railway Station is located in Dingjiang town, 13km northwest of the downtown of Guilin. Public transports are included taxi and bus. Taxi is mostly recommended.

Option 1: Take Taxi

Taxi is one convenient and fast, but also the most expensive way to get to Guilin West Railway Station.

Taxi drop-off areas and pick-up areas are on station square

Taxi fare from Guilin city centre to Guilin West Railway Station is around RMB35-45. And it will take around 30-45 minutes.

If you take the taxi, you can show the following Chinese sentence to Taxi driver:

司机, 请带我去桂林西站, 谢谢! (Please drive me to Guilin West Railway Station, thank you!)

Taxi Fee Standard

Day(6:00~23:00) Night(23:00~6:00)
0~2 km RMB9 RMB11
2 - 5km RMB1.9 per km RMB2.1 per km
5-12km RMB2.5 per km RMB3 per km
above 12km RMB3 per km RMB3.6 per km

Taxi to Guilin West Railway Station

Option 2: Take Bus

There are 3 bus routes to or pass Guilin West Railway Station, including bus 22, bus 30 and bus 307. Bus 22 is mostly recommended from downtown of Guilin to Guilin West Raiway Station. The bus ticket fare is RMB2 and the duration is around 1 hour.

But the buses are not recommended to foreign passengers, because most bus stops are in Chinese and few bus crew or driver can speak English.

Bus to Guilin West Railway Station

Guilin West Railway Station

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