Shanghai to Wuxi High-Speed Trains

The 126km high-speed railway links Shanghai and Wuxi. 179 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Shanghai to Wuxi between 05:48AM and 09:50PM every day. The duration is around 35 minutes - 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD14 to USD33. The fastest train G1768 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 28 minutes.

There are three major railway stations in Shanghai: Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai South, Shanghai Railway Station, and two major railway stations in Wuxi: Wuxi East, Wuxi Railway Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Shanghai Hongqiao and arrive at Wuxi Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Shanghai to Wuxi for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Shanghai to Wuxi

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Timetable of 175 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7072 05:48,Shanghai 06:32,Wuxi 0H44M
G7032 05:53,Shanghai 06:42,Wuxi 0H49M
G456 06:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:33,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
D352 06:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:04,Wuxi 0H51M
G1802 06:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:50,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7076 06:20,Shanghai 07:09,Wuxi 0H49M
G102 06:26,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:54,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
D636 06:33,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:26,Wuxi 0H53M
G104 06:38,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:06,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
D3002 06:38,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:42,Wuxi 1H4M
G7002 06:48,Shanghai 07:37,Wuxi 0H49M
D2206 06:58,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:50,Wuxi 0H52M
D3072 07:03,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:55,Wuxi 0H52M
G7034 07:10,Shanghai 07:57,Wuxixinqu 0H47M
G1974 07:17,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:54,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H37M
D3056 07:19,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:10,Wuxi 0H51M
G108 07:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:58,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H36M
G7102 07:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:21,Wuxi 0H56M
G1232 07:34,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:31,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H57M
D2212 07:37,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:28,Wuxi 0H51M
G7080 07:44,Shanghai 08:33,Wuxi 0H49M
G120 07:51,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:19,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7004 08:00,Shanghai 08:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G112 08:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:40,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7268 08:05,Shanghai 08:54,Wuxi 0H49M
G7036 08:10,Shanghai 08:59,Wuxi 0H49M
G1952 08:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:45,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G114 08:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:50,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7160 08:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:15,Wuxi 1H0M
D3064 08:20,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:20,Wuxi 1H0M
G576 08:24,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:00,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H36M
G676 08:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:09,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H39M
D952 08:30,Shanghai 09:10,Wuxi 0H40M
G7084 08:37,Shanghai 09:27,Wuxi 0H50M
G212 08:42,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:17,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
D2216 08:42,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:33,Wuxi 0H51M
G230 08:52,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:34,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H42M
G7104 08:54,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:44,Wuxixinqu 0H50M
G7006 09:00,Shanghai 09:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7038 09:08,Shanghai 10:05,Wuxi 0H57M
G1258 09:08,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:43,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G1806 09:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:48,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
D3022 09:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:00,Wuxi 0H45M
G7202 09:17,Shanghai 10:11,Wuxi 0H54M
G1920 09:24,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:53,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H29M
G7372 09:27,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:21,Wuxi 0H54M
G7564 09:36,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:27,Wuxi 0H51M
G7132 09:41,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:32,Wuxi 0H51M
D3060 09:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:53,Wuxi 1H7M
G7040 09:54,Shanghai 10:47,Wuxi 0H53M
G7008 10:00,Shanghai 10:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7042 10:06,Shanghai 10:54,Wuxixinqu 0H48M
G7194 10:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:46,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H36M
D3090 10:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:05,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H50M
D3068 10:16,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:07,Wuxi 0H51M
G1214 10:20,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:59,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H39M
G42 10:26,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:54,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7236 10:28,Shanghai 11:14,Wuxixinqu 0H46M
G7136 10:29,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:12,Wuxi 0H43M
G7060 10:40,Shanghai 11:30,Wuxi 0H50M
G122 10:41,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:16,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7044 10:46,Shanghai 11:35,Wuxi 0H49M
G7240 10:54,Shanghai 11:47,Wuxi 0H53M
G7010 11:00,Shanghai 11:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7106 11:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:54,Wuxi 0H49M
G1252 11:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:45,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7572 11:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:59,Wuxi 0H49M
G130 11:15,Shanghai 11:55,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H40M
G7264 11:20,Shanghai 12:04,Wuxi 0H44M
G7316 11:23,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:23,Huishan 1H0M
G7282 11:33,Shanghai 12:23,Wuxi 0H50M
G1924 11:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:15,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7108 11:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:29,Wuxi 0H49M
G7586 11:48,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:41,Wuxi 0H53M
G7244 11:53,Shanghai 12:36,Wuxi 0H43M
G7012 12:05,Shanghai 12:47,Wuxi 0H42M
G7576 12:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:57,Wuxi 0H42M
G7046 12:20,Shanghai 13:09,Wuxi 0H49M
G460 12:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:01,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H39M
G7048 12:25,Shanghai 13:24,Wuxi 0H59M
G412 12:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:56,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7296 12:40,Shanghai 13:20,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H40M
G7110 12:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:40,Huishan 0H54M
G7088 12:54,Shanghai 13:47,Wuxi 0H53M
G134 13:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:35,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7014 13:00,Shanghai 13:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7164 13:08,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:57,Wuxi 0H49M
G7112 13:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:02,Wuxi 0H49M
G7248 13:14,Shanghai 14:07,Wuxi 0H53M
D3026 13:27,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:18,Wuxi 0H51M
G7148 13:35,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:31,Wuxi 0H56M
G7092 13:41,Shanghai 14:37,Wuxi 0H56M
G1932 13:44,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:19,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
D3006 13:53,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:44,Wuxixinqu 0H51M
G7016 14:00,Shanghai 14:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G1584 14:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:36,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H31M
G7114 14:07,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:01,Huishan 0H54M
G7276 14:19,Shanghai 15:01,Wuxi 0H42M
G7050 14:30,Shanghai 15:24,Wuxi 0H54M
G7390 14:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:12,Wuxi 0H42M
D3010 14:41,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:32,Wuxi 0H51M
G7100 14:45,Shanghai 15:47,Wuxi 1H2M
G7018 15:00,Shanghai 15:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7140 15:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:53,Wuxi 0H49M
G214 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Wuxi Dong (East) 99H59M
D3032 15:16,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:07,Wuxi 0H51M
G1736 15:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:03,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7218 15:29,Shanghai 16:12,Wuxi 0H43M
G1822 15:38,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:08,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H30M
G7052 15:39,Shanghai 16:27,Wuxi 0H48M
G7152 15:50,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:32,Wuxi 0H42M
G170 15:52,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:21,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H29M
G1768 15:58,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:26,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7020 16:00,Shanghai 16:42,Wuxi 0H42M
D3142 16:01,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:54,Wuxi 0H53M
G150 16:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:33,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
D3014 16:07,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:59,Wuxi 0H52M
G7116 16:14,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:04,Wuxi 0H50M
G7054 16:20,Shanghai 17:09,Wuxi 0H49M
G7592 16:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:21,Wuxi 0H56M
G2812 16:26,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:05,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H39M
G234 16:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:00,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7376 16:36,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:26,Wuxi 0H50M
G7196 16:44,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:19,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
D3042 16:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:53,Wuxi 1H6M
G7222 16:52,Shanghai 17:47,Wuxi 0H55M
G7022 17:00,Shanghai 17:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7144 17:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:04,Wuxi 0H59M
G1940 17:06,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:34,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H28M
G7118 17:18,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:14,Wuxi 0H56M
G44 17:23,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:58,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7056 17:26,Shanghai 18:21,Wuxi 0H55M
G7256 17:33,Shanghai 18:30,Wuxi 0H57M
G7292 17:46,Shanghai 18:30,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H44M
D3136 17:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:04,Wuxi 1H18M
D3046 17:53,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:48,Wuxi 0H55M
G18 17:55,Shanghai 18:25,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H30M
G7024 18:00,Shanghai 18:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7192 18:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:39,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7120 18:09,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:58,Wuxi 0H49M
G298 18:09,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:44,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7130 18:18,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:15,Wuxi 0H57M
G7156 18:26,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:28,Wuxi 1H2M
G7600 18:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:10,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H42M
G7290 18:31,Shanghai 19:30,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H59M
G7520 18:34,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:23,Wuxi 0H49M
G7272 18:42,Shanghai 19:38,Wuxi 0H56M
D3126 18:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:59,Wuxi 1H12M
G7590 18:52,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:38,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H46M
G7026 19:00,Shanghai 19:43,Wuxi 0H43M
G7122 19:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:53,Wuxi 0H49M
G1510 19:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:51,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H46M
G7260 19:12,Shanghai 20:05,Wuxi 0H53M
G7584 19:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:11,Wuxi 0H49M
G1378 19:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:03,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7124 19:29,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:18,Wuxi 0H49M
G7062 19:32,Shanghai 20:30,Wuxi 0H58M
G7226 19:37,Shanghai 20:35,Wuxi 0H58M
G7178 19:50,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:25,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7300 19:51,Shanghai 20:38,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H47M
G7588 19:53,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:47,Wuxi 0H54M
G7028 20:00,Shanghai 20:42,Wuxi 0H42M
G7066 20:08,Shanghai 20:59,Wuxi 0H51M
G7596 20:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:48,Wuxi Dong (East) 0H35M
G7068 20:15,Shanghai 21:05,Wuxi 0H50M
G7126 20:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:19,Wuxi 0H49M
G7286 20:35,Shanghai 21:24,Wuxi 0H49M
G7070 20:40,Shanghai 21:29,Wuxi 0H49M
G7582 20:44,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:34,Wuxi 0H50M
G7030 21:00,Shanghai 21:49,Wuxi 0H49M
G7128 21:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:59,Wuxi 0H49M
D706 21:18,Shanghai 22:24,Wuxi 1H6M
D2282 21:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:10,Wuxi 0H45M
G7350 21:42,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:24,Wuxi 0H42M
G7096 21:50,Shanghai 22:33,Wuxi 0H43M

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