Xiamen to Quanzhou High-Speed Trains

The 71km high-speed railway links Xiamen and Quanzhou. 97 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Xiamen to Quanzhou between 06:52AM and11:02PM every day. The duration is around 30 minutes and the ticket prices are USD8 to USD16. The fastest train D2282 with a maximum speed of 200 km/h finishs the journey in 25 minutes.

There are two railway stations in Xiamen: Xiamen North, Xiamen Railway Station, and one high speed railway station in Quanzhou: Quanzhou Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Xiamen North and arrive at Quanzhou Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Xiamen to Quanzhou for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Xiamen Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Xiamen to Quanzhou

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Timetable of 97 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D3234 06:52,Xiamen 07:39,Quanzhou 0H47M
G1680 07:29,Xiamen 08:26,Quanzhou 0H57M
D2232 07:39,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:11,Quanzhou 0H32M
G242 07:45,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:16,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6524 24:00,Xiamen Bei (North) 24:00,Quanzhou 99H59M
D6204 08:00,Xiamen 09:00,Quanzhou 1H0M
D3216 08:00,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:32,Quanzhou 0H32M
D3142 08:06,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:38,Quanzhou 0H32M
G1676 08:12,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:43,Quanzhou 0H31M
D2376 08:13,Xiamen 09:06,Quanzhou 0H53M
D3274 08:17,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:48,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6522 08:20,Xiamen 09:17,Quanzhou 0H57M
D6382 08:23,Xiamen Bei (North) 08:55,Quanzhou 0H32M
D3218 08:41,Xiamen Bei (North) 09:12,Quanzhou 0H31M
D3166 08:51,Xiamen Bei (North) 09:22,Quanzhou 0H31M
G324 08:57,Xiamen Bei (North) 09:28,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6206 09:00,Xiamen 09:59,Quanzhou 0H59M
D2608 09:02,Xiamen Bei (North) 09:33,Quanzhou 0H31M
G1688 09:08,Xiamen Bei (North) 09:39,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6318 09:23,Xiamen 14:58,Quanzhou 5H35M
D3136 09:34,Xiamen Bei (North) 10:05,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6208 10:01,Xiamen 10:47,Quanzhou 0H46M
G1684 10:03,Xiamen Bei (North) 10:28,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3292 10:16,Xiamen Bei (North) 10:41,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3288 10:28,Xiamen Bei (North) 10:53,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3126 10:46,Xiamen Bei (North) 11:11,Quanzhou 0H25M
D9960 10:52,Xiamen Bei (North) 11:17,Quanzhou 0H25M
G4206 10:57,Xiamen 11:49,Quanzhou 0H52M
G5206 24:00,Xiamen 24:00,Quanzhou 99H59M
G356 10:59,Xiamen Bei (North) 11:24,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2352 11:11,Xiamen Bei (North) 11:36,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3306 11:17,Xiamen Bei (North) 11:42,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6242 11:23,Xiamen 12:18,Quanzhou 0H55M
D6576 11:35,Xiamen Bei (North) 12:01,Quanzhou 0H26M
D6210 11:39,Xiamen 12:30,Quanzhou 0H51M
D2344 11:42,Xiamen Bei (North) 12:07,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3108 11:58,Xiamen Bei (North) 12:24,Quanzhou 0H26M
G1602 12:40,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:05,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2284 12:48,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:19,Quanzhou 0H31M
D3206 12:54,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:25,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6212 12:55,Xiamen 13:54,Quanzhou 0H59M
D6214 13:11,Xiamen 14:11,Quanzhou 1H0M
D2282 13:12,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:37,Quanzhou 0H25M
G1662 13:17,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:42,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3202 13:22,Xiamen Bei (North) 13:47,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2310 13:40,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:05,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2286 13:51,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:17,Quanzhou 0H26M
D3146 13:56,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:21,Quanzhou 0H25M
G5306 14:04,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:29,Quanzhou 0H25M
G1656 14:11,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:36,Quanzhou 0H25M
D9992 14:15,Xiamen 15:07,Quanzhou 0H52M
D6436 14:16,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:41,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6526 14:21,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:46,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6312 14:26,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:51,Quanzhou 0H25M
D378 14:31,Xiamen Bei (North) 14:56,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2288 14:36,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:01,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3278 14:45,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:17,Quanzhou 0H32M
G1670 14:52,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:23,Quanzhou 0H31M
G1612 15:00,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:31,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6216 15:01,Xiamen 15:55,Quanzhou 0H54M
D6438 15:10,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:36,Quanzhou 0H26M
D3112 15:16,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:41,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6218 15:24,Xiamen Bei (North) 15:49,Quanzhou 0H25M
G1668 15:36,Xiamen Bei (North) 16:01,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6528 15:44,Xiamen 16:43,Quanzhou 0H59M
G1694 15:46,Xiamen Bei (North) 16:11,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2306 15:51,Xiamen Bei (North) 16:16,Quanzhou 0H25M
G1658 16:17,Xiamen Bei (North) 16:48,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6440 16:22,Xiamen Bei (North) 16:54,Quanzhou 0H32M
D6592 16:39,Xiamen Bei (North) 17:04,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6220 16:42,Xiamen 17:27,Quanzhou 0H45M
D6530 24:00,Xiamen Bei (North) 24:00,Quanzhou 99H59M
D3334 16:52,Xiamen Bei (North) 17:17,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6562 24:00,Xiamen 24:00,Quanzhou 99H59M
G1660 17:07,Xiamen Bei (North) 17:32,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3212 17:14,Xiamen Bei (North) 17:39,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6226 17:15,Xiamen 18:07,Quanzhou 0H52M
D3220 17:44,Xiamen Bei (North) 18:15,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6442 18:04,Xiamen Bei (North) 18:36,Quanzhou 0H32M
D2324 18:10,Xiamen Bei (North) 18:41,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6224 18:11,Xiamen 18:57,Quanzhou 0H46M
G3002 18:27,Xiamen Bei (North) 18:52,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2298 18:38,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:10,Quanzhou 0H32M
D2304 18:46,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:18,Quanzhou 0H32M
D6534 18:53,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:24,Quanzhou 0H31M
D6444 18:59,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:31,Quanzhou 0H32M
D2328 19:21,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:46,Quanzhou 0H25M
G1610 19:26,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:51,Quanzhou 0H25M
D3338 19:31,Xiamen Bei (North) 19:56,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6228 19:36,Xiamen 20:27,Quanzhou 0H51M
D672 20:11,Xiamen Bei (North) 20:36,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2312 20:42,Xiamen Bei (North) 21:07,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2330 20:53,Xiamen Bei (North) 21:18,Quanzhou 0H25M
D6448 21:12,Xiamen Bei (North) 21:37,Quanzhou 0H25M
D2314 21:21,Xiamen Bei (North) 21:47,Quanzhou 0H26M
D3340 21:34,Xiamen Bei (North) 22:05,Quanzhou 0H31M
D2320 23:02,Xiamen Bei (North) 23:28,Quanzhou 0H26M

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