Qingdao to Jinan High-Speed Trains

The 398km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Qingdao and Jinan. 70 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Qingdao to Jinan between 05:37AM and 09:52PM every day. The duration is around 1 hours 40 minutes - 3 hours and the ticket prices are USD23 to USD60. The fastest train G180 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 1h39m.

There are three major railway stations in Qingdao: Qingdao West, Qingdao North, Qingdao, and three major railway stations in Jinan: Jinan East, Jinan West, Jinan Railway Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Qingdao North or Qingao Railway Station, and arrive at Jinan or Jinan East Railway Station.

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Qingdao Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Qingdao to Jinan

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Timetable of 69 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
D6002 05:37,Qingdao 08:29,Jinan 2H52M
G1268 06:06,Qingdao Bei (North) 08:35,Jinan 2H29M
G1208 06:12,Qingdao Bei (North) 08:46,Jinan 2H34M
G278 06:17,Qingdao 09:07,Jinan 2H50M
G284 06:25,Qingdao 09:19,Jinan 2H54M
G1842 06:30,Qingdao Bei (North) 08:52,Jinan 2H22M
G2086 06:32,Qingdao 08:40,Jinan Dong (East) 2H8M
G178 06:56,Qingdao 09:45,Jinan 2H49M
G224 07:03,Qingdao 09:12,Jinan Dong (East) 2H9M
D8182 07:03,Qingdao Bei (North) 09:20,Jinan Dong (East) 2H17M
G6902 07:05,Qingdao Bei (North) 08:52,Jinan Dong (East) 1H47M
G318 07:22,Qingdao 10:05,Jinan 2H43M
D1636 07:28,Qingdao 10:17,Jinan 2H49M
G244 07:39,Qingdao 10:27,Jinan 2H48M
G1248 08:12,Qingdao Bei (North) 10:46,Jinan 2H34M
G182 08:15,Qingdao 10:56,Jinan 2H41M
G1838 08:21,Qingdao Bei (North) 11:05,Jinan 2H44M
G180 08:30,Qingdao Bei (North) 10:09,Jinan Dong (East) 1H39M
D6004 08:49,Qingdao 11:54,Jinan 3H5M
G6966 09:00,Qingdao Xi (West) 11:28,Jinan 2H28M
G172 09:00,Qingdao 11:42,Jinan 2H42M
G232 09:12,Qingdao 12:00,Jinan 2H48M
G184 09:26,Qingdao 12:14,Jinan 2H48M
G290 09:32,Qingdao 12:26,Jinan 2H54M
D6006 09:39,Qingdao 12:37,Jinan 2H58M
G6904 10:00,Qingdao Bei (North) 12:06,Zhangqiu 2H6M
G186 10:20,Qingdao 13:08,Jinan 2H48M
G2094 10:40,Qingdao Bei (North) 12:25,Zhangqiu 1H45M
G2632 10:48,Qingdao Xi (West) 12:45,Zhangqiu 1H57M
G188 11:25,Qingdao 14:08,Jinan 2H43M
G190 12:05,Qingdao 14:48,Jinan 2H43M
D6026 12:18,Qingdao 14:52,Jinan Daminghu 2H34M
D6024 12:35,Qingdao 15:17,Zhangqiu 2H42M
D8184 12:38,Qingdao Bei (North) 15:08,Jinan 2H30M
D8186 12:50,Qingdao Bei (North) 15:29,Jinan 2H39M
G192 12:55,Qingdao Bei (North) 15:03,Jinan Dong (East) 2H8M
G6906 13:12,Qingdao 15:46,Zhangqiu 2H34M
G248 13:21,Qingdao 16:06,Jinan 2H45M
D1612 13:25,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:37,Jinan 3H12M
D6008 13:27,Qingdao 16:15,Jinan 2H48M
G228 13:58,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:28,Jinan 2H30M
G1858 14:03,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:55,Jinan 2H52M
G6908 14:10,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:12,Jinan Dong (East) 2H2M
G256 14:26,Qingdao 17:19,Jinan 2H53M
G194 14:33,Qingdao 17:07,Jinan 2H34M
G6910 14:35,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:22,Jinan Dong (East) 1H47M
G2072 15:00,Qingdao Bei (North) 16:59,Jinan Dong (East) 1H59M
G6968 15:04,Qingdao Xi (West) 17:58,Jinan 2H54M
G260 15:15,Qingdao 17:27,Jinan Dong (East) 2H12M
D6010 15:26,Qingdao 18:18,Jinan 2H52M
G6912 15:50,Qingdao Bei (North) 17:35,Zhangqiu 1H45M
G196 15:57,Qingdao 18:41,Jinan 2H44M
D1632 15:58,Qingdao Bei (North) 18:27,Jinan 2H29M
G174 16:04,Qingdao 18:51,Jinan 2H47M
G1854 16:10,Qingdao 19:14,Jinan 3H4M
G236 16:21,Qingdao 19:03,Jinan 2H42M
G2636 16:30,Qingdao Xi (West) 18:34,Jinan Dong (East) 2H4M
G198 17:10,Qingdao 19:56,Jinan 2H46M
G2060 17:52,Qingdao Xi (West) 19:57,Jinan Dong (East) 2H5M
G482 17:59,Qingdao Xi (West) 19:44,Jinan Dong (East) 1H45M
G6962 18:10,Qingdao Xi (West) 20:15,Jinan Dong (East) 2H5M
G6914 18:17,Qingdao 20:22,Zhangqiu 2H5M
G454 18:40,Qingdao 21:33,Jinan 2H53M
G6964 18:45,Qingdao Xi (West) 20:42,Zhangqiu 1H57M
G2634 19:08,Qingdao Xi (West) 20:54,Zhangqiu 1H46M
G6916 19:20,Qingdao Bei (North) 21:16,Jinan Dong (East) 1H56M
D6012 19:43,Qingdao 22:43,Jinan 3H0M
D336 21:20,Qingdao Bei (North) 00:36,Jinan Daminghu 3H16M
G6920 21:52,Qingdao Bei (North) 23:31,Jinan Dong (East) 1H39M

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