Hefei to Nanjing High-Speed Trains

The 154km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Hefei and Nanjing. 82 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Hefei to Nanjing between 06:56AM and 09:46PM every day. The travel time is around 50 minutes and the ticket prices are USD14 to USD34. The fastest train G7162 with a maximum speed of 280 km/h finishs the journey in 48 minutes.

There are two railway stations in Hefei: Hefei South, Hefei Railway Station, and two railway stations in Nanjing: Nanjing Railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station. All high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Hefei South or Hefei station, and arrive at Nanjing South Railway Station.

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Hefei South Railway Station

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Timetable of 81 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G7434 06:56, Hefei Nan (South) 07:44, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7612 07:16, Hefei Nan (South) 08:04, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D5648 07:31, Hefei Nan (South) 08:19, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7258 07:36, Hefei Nan (South) 08:31, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H55M
G7262 08:03, Hefei 08:54, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7458 08:27, Hefei Nan (South) 09:21, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H54M
G7188 08:35, Hefei 09:26, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7480 08:40, Hefei 09:31, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7790 08:45, Hefei 09:36, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7694 08:53, Hefei Nan (South) 09:41, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7224 09:00, Hefei 09:51, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7684 09:06, Hefei 10:08, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H2M
G1766 09:11, Hefei 10:03, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H52M
G7378 09:30, Hefei Nan (South) 10:18, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1722 09:41, Hefei Nan (South) 10:29, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7758 09:43, Hefei 10:34, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7162 09:51, Hefei Nan (South) 10:39, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7184 10:04, Hefei 10:55, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
D3016 10:12, Hefei Nan (South) 11:00, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1738 10:28, Hefei Nan (South) 11:17, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G7598 10:33, Hefei Nan (South) 11:22, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G1804 10:41, Hefei 11:33, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H52M
D3012 10:51, Hefei Nan (South) 11:41, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H50M
G1718 11:17, Hefei Nan (South) 12:05, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7578 11:22, Hefei Nan (South) 12:10, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1778 11:30, Hefei Nan (South) 12:34, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H4M
G7672 11:33, Hefei 12:24, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
D2190 11:41, Hefei Nan (South) 12:29, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D3008 11:52, Hefei Nan (South) 12:43, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
D3044 12:26, Hefei Nan (South) 13:20, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H54M
G2810 12:30, Hefei 13:36, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H6M
D2194 13:03, Hefei Nan (South) 13:51, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7234 13:08, Hefei Nan (South) 13:56, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7574 13:10, Hefei 14:01, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7676 13:23, Hefei Nan (South) 14:32, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H9M
G2814 13:26, Hefei 14:17, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7198 13:39, Hefei Nan (South) 14:27, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7174 13:55, Hefei Nan (South) 14:43, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D3084 14:08, Hefei Nan (South) 14:56, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7754 14:15, Hefei 15:09, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H54M
G592 14:23, Hefei Nan (South) 15:27, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H4M
D3048 14:34, Hefei Nan (South) 15:22, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7266 14:44, Hefei Nan (South) 15:32, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G3254 14:46, Hefei 15:37, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G3154 14:51, Hefei 15:42, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7374 14:59, Hefei Nan (South) 16:01, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H2M
G7488 15:04, Hefei Nan (South) 15:53, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
D3074 15:15, Hefei Nan (South) 16:14, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H59M
G1958 15:18, Hefei 16:09, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G678 15:29, Hefei Nan (South) 16:19, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H50M
G7246 15:34, Hefei Nan (South) 16:24, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H50M
G7618 15:44, Hefei Nan (South) 16:39, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H55M
G7242 15:55, Hefei Nan (South) 16:44, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G7680 16:00, Hefei Nan (South) 16:49, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G596 16:10, Hefei Nan (South) 16:59, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G7270 16:12, Hefei 17:07, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H55M
G7798 16:26, Hefei 17:17, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G7664 16:34, Hefei Nan (South) 17:22, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G600 16:44, Hefei Nan (South) 17:33, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G7250 16:54, Hefei Nan (South) 17:42, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7238 16:59, Hefei Nan (South) 17:47, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1774 17:05, Hefei Nan (South) 17:53, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D2272 17:10, Hefei Nan (South) 17:58, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G3166 17:12, Hefei 18:05, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H53M
D954 24:00, Hefei Nan (South) 24:00, Nanjing Nan (South) 99H59M
G1546 17:48, Hefei Nan (South) 18:36, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1726 18:03, Hefei Nan (South) 18:54, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
D3070 18:08, Hefei Nan (South) 19:09, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H1M
G578 18:14, Hefei Nan (South) 19:02, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7254 18:42, Hefei Nan (South) 19:30, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1954 18:50, Hefei 19:41, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
D354 19:10, Hefei Nan (South) 19:59, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H49M
G3112 19:11, Hefei 20:08, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H57M
G7278 19:39, Hefei 20:30, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G580 19:47, Hefei Nan (South) 20:35, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G3182 19:49, Hefei 20:51, Nanjing Nan (South) 1H2M
G3232 19:58, Hefei Nan (South) 20:46, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D2256 20:08, Hefei Nan (South) 20:56, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G7166 20:11, Hefei 21:02, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H51M
G1540 20:29, Hefei Nan (South) 21:17, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
D2374 20:56, Hefei Nan (South) 21:44, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M
G1128 21:46, Hefei Nan (South) 22:34, Nanjing Nan (South) 0H48M

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