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Shanghai Pudong Airport(PVG) Terminal 1 Guides

Opened on October 1 1999, along with a 4000-metre runway and a cargo hub, Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1 is the main hub for China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. It is located 600 metres to the left side of Terminal 2.

PVG airport Terminal 1 is primarily used by two domestic Airlines: China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and 10 international Airlines, including Qantas, Jin Air, American Delta Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, China Airlines.

Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1, PVG airport T1

departures hall in terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong Airport, PVG airport T1

Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1 has 3 floors. The departurs is on 3rd floor, the arrivals is on the 2nd floor and the luggages claim and transfers also are in 1st floor. The facilities and passenger service are including restaurants, banks, left luggage, 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit, medicine, lost & found and WIFI.

Airline Distribution in T1

Airlines Code Hotline Check-in Area
China Eastern Airlines MU (86)95530 A, B, C, F, G, H, J Check-in island
Shanghai Airlines FM (86)95530 A, B, C, F, G, H, J Check-in island
China United Airlines KN A Check-in island
Qantas Airways QF Check-in island
North Korea Airlines JS Check-in island
Korean Air KE (86)400-658-8888 K Check-in island
Air France AF (86)4008-808-808 L Check-in island
Jin Air LJ L Check-in island
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL (86)4008-808-222 L Check-in island
Delta Air Lines DL L Check-in island
Japan Airlines JL (86)400-888-0808 H Check-in island
Sri Lankan Airlines UL 62376887 K Check-in island
Royal Brunei Airlines BI (86)21 53027532 L Check-in island
China Airlines CI (86)400-888-6998 M Check-in island

Terminal 1 Layout Map

Layout Plan and map of Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1, PVG Airport Map

Terminal 1 Map and Terminal Shuttle Bus to T1

Free shuttle buses service is available from Terminals 1 to Terminal 2 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. A one-way trip takes approximately 5 minutes

Operation Time: 06:00 - 24:00, the interval is 10 minutes

Terminal 2: Gate 21, Gate 26, Gate 27 on 3F
Terminal 1: Gate 1, Gate 8, Gate 11 on 3F

Gate 1, Gate 8, Gate 11 on 3F of T1 -> Gate 21, Gate 26, Gate 27 on 3F of T2

Shanghai Pudong Airport Map, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Map

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Shuttle Bus, Shanghai Pudong Airport , PVG

From Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 by Walking

Passengers aslo can walk to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1 by 600 metres Walking Corridor. It take around 15 minutes.

Shanghai Pudong Airport Map, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 Map

Satellite Terminal S1

As one part of Satellite Terminal, the S1 hall runs with T1 in the west, serving China Eastern Airlines, the Shanghai Airlines, and members of the SkyTeam airlines alliance.

Ground transportation of Terminal 1

There are four ways from Terminal to Shanghai Downtown

A. Metro Line 2. Metro Line 2 connects Shanghai Pudong Airport with downtown of Shanghai, including Lujiazui, The bund, People's Square, and Hongqiao International Airport. It is the cheapest and most convenient way

B. Maglev Train. Maglev Train links Shanghai Pudong Pudong Airport with Longyang Road Metro Station, where transfer to Line 2, Line 7, and Line 16 is possible. The 30 km takes less than eight minutes.

C. Airport Shuttle buses. Eight airport bus lines serve the airport, providing rapid links to Shanghai various destinations, including Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

D. Airport Taxi. Taxi is one convenient and fast, but also the most expensive way to get to or leave Terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong Airport

Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1 Maglev Train


Services: provide query services including real-time flight information, directions, hotel consulting, and answer any questions that passengers may have;

Location: opposite to Gate 8 of Arrivals Hall, Near Gate 6 of Departures Hall;

Hotline: (+86) 21-96990

Hours: 06:00-24:00

Hourly Lounge in Terminal 1

The service is unavailable at  Pudong T1 Terminal. Please go to Terminal 2

Lost & Found

Services: Lost property registration, enquiry, and retrieval services in the terminal.

Hours: 06:00-23:00

Location: Between Gate 8 and 9 in the reception area of Arrivals Hall

Tel: (+86) 21-68340096, 68340417

E-mail: lostandfound@shairport.com


1. Passengers can pick their lost items up with valid certificates, providing information including the lost property’s name, characteristics, lost date and spot.

2. Owners of lost property can also entrust others to claim lost articles. The person entrusted is required to show an owner entrustment form including names of the lost property and the person entrusted, together with copies of the owners’ valid documents, and their own valid documents and copies. The valid documents referto ID card, passport, military officers’ card and soldiers’ card.

Left Luggage

Service: Passengers can leave their luggage there for 2 months at most.

Location: Between Gage 4 - 5 and Gate 10 - 11 in the Departures Hall

Hours: 06:00-23:00

Location: Between Gate 6 - 7 in the Arrivals Hall 

Hours: 06:00-24:00

Tel: (+86) 21 68345201

Procedure: Passengers shall provide valid certificates to apply for luggage storage and claim service. Security staff will check items using X-ray devices. Except for oversized items, ordinary luggage is stored in computer-controlled cabinets. The whole procedure is monitored.


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Restaurants and Foods

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144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

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Departures, Arrivals and Transfers

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