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Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) Maglev Trains

Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) Maglev Train is the world's first commercial magnetic levitation line which was used on March 29 2004. From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road Metro Station, the 30-kilometer trip will take only eight minutes. Max speed of Maglev Train can be 430km/h. The round trip tickets cost RMB80 and the one way tickets cost RMB50.

Shanghai Pudong Airport Maglev Train, Maglev Train to PVG

Luoyang Road Station, Shanghai Pudong Airport Maglev Train, Maglev Train to PVG

Shanghai Pudong Airport Maglev Train Seat, Maglev Train to PVG

Timetable, Routes and Price

Departs Pudong International Airport (07:02-21:42, Night: 22:15, 22:40)
Destination Longyang Road Metro Station (06:45-21:40), You can transfer Metro line 2 to Shanghai city centre. or transfer line 7 and Line 16.
Operating Time

Pudong International Airport Station to Longyang Road Metro Station: 07:02-21:42 (Night: 22:15, 22:40)

Longyang Road Metro Station to Pudong International Airport Station: 06:45-21:40

Interval 15 min (09:02-18:47); 20 min (07:02-8:42, 19:02-21:42)
Ticket office The ticket office is on the 2 floor between T1 and T2
Ticket Price

One Way ticket RMB50 / USD7.3; Round-trip RMB80 / USD11.5

VIP: One Way ticket RMB100 / USD14.5; Round-trip: RMB160 / USD23

You will get a 20% discount on train ticket if you have one air ticket on the day arrive at or depart from Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Tel: (+86)-21-28907777

Max speed

300 km/h (07:02-08:47, 11:02-14:47, 17:02-21:42, 22:15, 22:40);

430 km/h (09:02-10:47, 15:02-16:47)

Maglev Train Map

Shanghai Pudong Airport Metro Line 2, Maglev Map

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