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Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Shuttle Bus Guides

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU) is located 18km southwest of Chengdu downtown. The airport provides shuttle bus service to Chengdu city centre, including Minshan Hotel, Tianfu Square, Chengdu East Railway Station, etc.

Airport bus station location:
T1: Gate No. and Gate No. 2 (1F)
T2: Exit 2 or Exit 4 Platform (1F)

Interval: 30 minutes (day), 1 hour (night)

Ticket price: RMB10 - RMB17 per person one way

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes

Service Hotlines:(+86) 28-8520 5555

Airport bus from or to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU)

Bus line

Airport Bus No.1

Shuangliu Airport - Minshan Hotel

Stop: Airport, US Consulates Renmin South RD., Huaxi Dam, Minshan Hotel.


Minshan Hotel - Shuangliu Airport


Airport Bus No.2

Shuangliu Airport - Chengdu North Railway Station

Stop: North Railway Station, Tianfu Square, Airport.


Chengdu North Railway Station - Shuangliu Airport

Stop: North Railway Station, XizangHotel, Airport.

Airport Bus No.3

Shuangliu Airport - Chengdu East Railway Station

Stop: Airport, East Road station(Chengdu South Railway Station),  Chengdu East Railway Station

7:00-01:00 (a.m. the next day)

Chengdu East Railway Station - Shuangliu Airport


Airport Night Bus No.1

Shuangliu Airport → Winshan Hotel (One-way)

Stop: Airport, the United States Consulate of Renmin Road (Metro Nijiaqiao), Minshan Hotel

20:00-05:30 (a.m. the next day)

Airport Night Bus No.2

Shuangliu Airport → Guixi bus station (One-way)

Stop: Airport, the United States Consulate of Renmin Road (Nijiaqiao subway), huaxiba station,Minshan Hotel, downtown (East Tianfu Square Station), Guixi bus station

20:30-05:30 (a.m. the next day)

Airport Night Bus No.3

Shuangliu International Airport → Wuhouci Street Station (Wuhouci, Jinli) (One-way)

Stop: Airport, the United States Consulate of South Renmin Road (Metro nijiaqiao), huaxiba station, Minshan Hotel, downtown (East Tianfu Square Station), Wuhouci Street Station (Wuhouci, Jinli)

21:00-03:00 (a.m. the next day)

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