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The policy of small animals transport on China Domestic Flights


Small animals refer to domesticated dogs, cats and birds. Wild animals and animals with strange shapes or a tendency to attack humans (e.g. snake) do not fall into the category of small animals.

II.Quantitative restrictions

Each passenger can only check in one small animal on the same flight.

II.Transport Document Requirements:

1.Domestic Flights

(1) Animal Quarantine Conformity Certificate issued by the Animal Health Inspection Institute

(2) Vaccination Certificate for small animals

III.Flights available for application:

1. Passengers may apply for direct flights operated by China Domestic Airlines when book the flight tickets. But aircraft without an oxygen cabin cannot carry animals, and there is the possibility of changing aircraft type temporarily. As for the specific condition, the inquiry results from the airport on the departure day shall prevail.

2. Application for carriage of small animals will not be accepted if within any flight segment, the temperature is forecast to be belowminus12℃ (inclusive) or above 30℃ (inclusive) (for specific weather conditions, the forecast by China Meteorological Administration on the day that the passenger applies for the carriage shall prevail.

Note: the temperature condition during the carriage by air has great impact on the safe transport of small animals. For the safety of the beloved pets, the maximum or the minimum temperature on the departure day shall prevail for your reference of small animal carriage.

IV. Application time limit:

Passengers shall apply for the carriage no later than 3 days before the scheduled departure time.

V. Application methods:

Send email to customer@chinaairlinetravel.com

VII. Service charge:

The weights of small animals and their containers and food shall be charged at the airport according to the regulations on excess baggage and other related provisions.

VIII. Handling at the airport:

Please prepare one copy of the printed Small Animals Carriage Application Form, valid ID certificates and Animal Quarantine Conformity Certificate, (for international flights) valid certificates required for entry, exit or transit with the carriage of small animals required by related countries (regions), including the entry or transit permit and some other certificates required by the countries (regions) of the entry or transit locations, and go to the departure airport to pay a service charge for the carriage of small animals and complete the check-in procedures 90 minutes before take-off.

IX. Notice of Check-in:

1. The total weight of any separately packaged small animals and their containers (including food and water) shall not exceed 32 kg.

2. Please prepare dedicated flight carriage container for your small animal, and the specific requirements are as follows:

(1) The container shall be dedicated to the flight carriage of small animals, which must be made of tough materials with a firm topping and at least three sides of ventilation. The door of the container shall have a lock system, which is made of strong metal material. Once the container is locked, the small animal shall be prevented from opening the door by itself and escape (see Figure 1).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 1

(2) The vents of the container should be made of metal materials and firmly installed on the container (see Figure 2); if the vents are made of non-metal materials, they shall be the ventilation holes in a round shape or other shapes.

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 2

(3) All the components of the container (including the nuts, latch, bolts and other locking parts) must be firm and function properly.

(4) The container shall have protruding edges on the sides or a handler, so as to facilitate the easy handling during sorting or loading.

(5) The bottom of the container shall be stable and secured on the flat surface without any slip. If a container with rollers is used, the rollers shall be fixed or removed in advance to prevent it from moving during the flight carriage.

(6) The dimensions of the container shall conform to the Live Animals Regulations of IATA, with sufficient space for the small animal to stand, sit, turn round or lie down in normal gestures (see Figure 3).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 3

①Dimensions description:

A: length from the tip of nose to the end of tail;

B: height from elbow to the ground;

C: the maximum width of small animal;

D: from the tip of ear or the top of head to the ground. When the small animals stand still, their ears shall not touch the top of the container.

② Dimensions of the container:

Length =A + 0.5B

Width= C x 2

Height = D

(7) Ensure good ventilation in case of the suffocation of the animal.

(8) The container shall be able to prevent the leakage of any excretion of the small animal from contaminating the aircraft, equipments or other articles on board. The container shall be laid with absorption pads. The absorption pad shall not be made of any materials with toxic substances (such as newspaper).

(9) Each container shall only hold one small animal.

(10) For long-haul flights (over 6 hours), a drinking machine must be prepared for the small animals.

3. Please pack your small animal container properly, and the specific requirements are as follows:

(1) Both ends of the locking system must be applied the self locking nylon strips for fastness (see Figure 4), which must be tied firmly for the best. The dimensions of the strips should be at least 3.6 x 100 mm (W x L) (see Figure 5).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 4

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 5

(2) The container must be wrapped with Nylon mesh for protection. The mesh hole diameter shall be such that the small animal cannot protrude its head through the holes. The diameter of the cords shall be larger than 2mm; the protection mesh should be tied fast and tied knot should be away from the container door, and not affect the stable set of the container. The mesh shall be free from any damage at the time of check-in.

(3) When it is necessary to bundle the mesh-wrapped container: Medium-sized container (the dimensions of the container are ≥81×55×58 cm, while ≤ 91×60×66 cm, both inclusive) should be bundled in a way that the top and bottom sides of container are winded at least twice, vertically and horizontally forming double crosses; large-sized container (the dimensions of the container ≥ 91×60×66 cm) should be bundled in a way that the top and bottom sides of container are winded at least three times, vertically and horizontally, with the bundling strips laid evenly. In case that turning the container would disturbing the small animals during the bundling work, the four lateral sides of the container would not be winded horizontally, which means the strips will only present in a vertical and parallel way. It is required that the bundling strip goes through the mesh on the door and the protection mesh, entering one mesh hole and exiting from another, with even intervals between the strips, so as to bind the container door, container and the protection mesh. Meanwhile, use the self-locking nylon strips to tie the bundling strips and the door together (see Figure 6).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 6

(4) Where the size of the carried animal is too large, and the corresponding flight carriage container exceeds the required dimensions for the checked baggage (for which the sum of the three dimensions exceed 203 cm), the animal and the container shall not be accepted for carriage as checked baggage. The passenger is suggested to handle the carriage through the cargo channel.

4. The animal brought by the passenger shall not be allowed into the passenger cabin, but shall be transported in the cargo cabin instead. You shall be fully responsible for the small animal for which you applied for the transport. China Eastern Airlines shall not be liable for the injury, illness, escape, and death of small animals under normal transport conditions.

5. Value declaration services are not available for small animal carriage.

6. The transport of small animals shall be declined in any of the following conditions:

(1) Any long-haul flights, direct flights or flights on any type of aircraft where the cargo cabin is not appropriate for the transport of small animals.

(2) The carriage container does not satisfy the provisions of Article 2 hereof.

(3) Animals that are pregnant or expected to give birth within 48 hours.

(4) Animals aged less than 6 months.

(5) Flat-nose dogs or cats (since such types of dogs or cats have defects in aspiration system, and tend to get suffocated or die in a high altitude environment, the transport of such animals is unavailable; for the types of flat-nose dogs or cats, please refer to Appendix Types and pictures of the small animals that are not accepted for carriage. ).

(6) Pit Bull Terrier: pit bull, Tosa, Fila Brasileiro and other hybrids, Dogo Argentina(please refer to Appendix Types and pictures of the small animals that are not accepted for carriage).

(7) Dogs that are uncomfortable in high temperature or high altitude environment: Samoyed dog (please refer to Appendix Types and pictures of small animals that are not accepted for the transport).

(8) On the date of check-in, the temperature within any flight segment (minimum or maximum) is below 12℃ (inclusive) or above 30℃ (inclusive).

7. The following types of containers are not allowed for transport of small animals:

(1) A container that is made by welding iron-wire meshes (see Figure 7).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 7

(2) The door of the container is made of plastics or fiberglass (see Figure 8).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 8

(3) The container of a combination type (see Figure 9).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 9

(4) There is a window or vent on the top of the container (see Figure 10).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 10

(5) collapsible container (see Figure 1 1).

animal container, pet, on flight

Figure 11

(6) The container is made of soft materials or its ventilation grids are soft plastics (verifying tip: when press with fingers, the surface of the container or the grids get dented or deformed).

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