Flights Beijing to Chengdu

There are 37 direct flights from Beijing to Chengdu every day. The first flight leaving Beijing is at 06:25AM, the last flight is at 10:25PM. This flight route distance is about 1697km and the duration is around 3 hours and 10 minutes. These flights are operated by Beijing Captial International Airport(PEK), Beijing Daxing Airport(PKX), and Chengdu Shuangliu Airport(CTU)

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Beijing Capital Airport, cheap flights Beijing to Chengdu

Total: 37 Flights, Schedules

Flight No. Depart Arrive Duration
3U8896, Sichuan Airlines 06:25, PEK, T3 09:35, CTU, T1 3h10m
CA4194, Air China 07:00, PEK, T3 10:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
KN5215, China United Airlines 07:30, NAY, -- 10:40, CTU, T2 3h10m
HU7147, Hainan Airlines 07:35, PEK, T1 10:40, CTU, T2 3h05m
CA1405, Air China 07:45, PEK, T3 10:45, CTU, T2 3h00m
CZ6161, China Southern Airlines 08:00, PEK, T2 11:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
CA4112, Air China 08:20, PEK, T3 11:20, CTU, T2 3h00m
CA1415, Air China 09:45, PEK, T3 12:50, CTU, T2 3h05m
3U8548, Sichuan Airlines 10:15, PEK, T3 13:25, CTU, T1 3h10m
CA4102, Air China 11:00, PEK, T3 14:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
CZ6183, China Southern Airlines 11:10, PEK, T2 14:20, CTU, T2 3h10m
3U8882, Sichuan Airlines 11:25, PEK, T3 14:35, CTU, T1 3h10m
CA4114, Air China 12:00, PEK, T3 15:20, CTU, T2 3h20m
CA4198, Air China 13:00, PEK, T3 16:20, CTU, T2 3h20m
3U8884, Sichuan Airlines 13:35, PEK, T3 16:40, CTU, T1 3h05m
CA4108, Air China 14:00, PEK, T3 17:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
CZ3903, China Southern Airlines 14:40, PEK, T2 17:50, CTU, T2 3h10m
CA4116, Air China 15:00, PEK, T3 18:05, CTU, T2 3h05m
3U8886, Sichuan Airlines 15:25, PEK, T3 18:35, CTU, T1 3h10m
CA1407, Air China 16:00, PEK, T3 19:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
CZ6135, China Southern Airlines 16:45, PEK, T2 20:05, CTU, T2 3h20m
HU7247, Hainan Airlines 16:50, PEK, T1 19:45, CTU, T2 2h55m
CA1425, Air China 17:00, PEK, T3 20:15, CTU, T2 3h15m
3U8888, Sichuan Airlines 17:25, PEK, T3 20:35, CTU, T1 3h10m
CA4104, Air China 18:00, PEK, T3 20:55, CTU, T2 2h55m
KN5217, China United Airlines 18:00, NAY, -- 21:20, CTU, T2 3h20m
CA4110, Air China 19:05, PEK, T3 22:15, CTU, T2 3h10m
CA4106, Air China 20:00, PEK, T3 23:10, CTU, T2 3h10m
CA4120, Air China 20:30, PEK, T3 23:40, CTU, T2 3h10m
3U8890, Sichuan Airlines 20:30, PEK, T3 23:45, CTU, T1 3h15m
CA4118, Air China 21:00, PEK, T3 23:55, CTU, T2 2h55m
CZ6119, China Southern Airlines 21:10, PEK, T2 00:20+1, CTU, T2 3h10m
MU5273, China Eastern Airlines 21:10, PEK, T2 00:20+1, CTU, T2 3h10m
ZH9163, Shenzhen Airlines 21:55, PEK, T3 01:10+1, CTU, T2 3h15m
3U8894, Sichuan Airlines 22:10, PEK, T3 01:20+1, CTU, T1 3h10m
HU7347, Hainan Airlines 22:20, PEK, T1 01:40+1, CTU, T2 3h20m
3U8892, Sichuan Airlines 22:25, PEK, T3 01:35+1, CTU, T1 3h10m

How to get to Beijing Capital Airport

Beijing Capital Airport(PEK) is located about 28km northeast of Beijing city centre, including Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The ground is including Airport Shuttle Bus, Taxi, and Airport Express which is a rail link to Beijing Capital Airport.

Airport express train is the most convenient and fastest way between Peking airport and Beijing city centre. The airport Express is a 28.1 kilometres (17.5 mi) light rail line that connects the Beijing Capital Airport T2, T3 with Beijing's urban center. The express line has only four stops: Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao in the city , and Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport. The ticket fee is RMB25 per person

How to get to Beijing Daxing Airport

Opened on September 25 2019, Beijing new airport, Daxing Internaional Airport ( PKX), is located in centre of Jing-Jin-Ji Region and 46 kilometres south of downtown Beijing. The distance to Beijing Capital Airport is 67km, to Beijing South Railway Station is 40km, to Beijing West Railway Station is 48km, and to the Xiongan New Area is 55km.

Metro Trains are the most convenient and fastest way between Daxing airport and Beijing city centre. It will take around 1 hour and the ticket fare is around RMB40.

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