Flights Xian to Xining

There are 8 direct flights from Xian to Xining every day. The first flight leaving Xian is at 07:35AM, the last flight is at 10:05PM. This flight route distance is about 721km and the duration is around 1 hour and 40 minutes. These flights are operated by Xian Xianyang International Airport (XIY), and Xining Airport(XNN).

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Xian Xianyang Airport, cheap flights Xian to Xining

Total: 8 Flights, Schedules

Flight No. Depart Arrive Duration
MU2313, China Eastern Airlines 07:35, XIY, T3 09:10, XNN 1h35m
MU2199, China Eastern Airlines 08:25, XIY, T3 10:00, XNN 1h35m
SC4697, Shandong Airlines 10:25, XIY, T2 12:10, XNN 1h45m
HU7870, Hainan Airlines 10:35, XIY, T2 12:10, XNN 1h35m
HO1219, Juneyao Airlines 17:05, XIY, T3 18:50, XNN, T2 1h45m
MU2156, China Eastern Airlines 17:10, XIY, T3 18:50, XNN 1h40m
HU7365, Hainan Airlines 20:35, XIY, T2 22:15, XNN 1h40m
MU2349, China Eastern Airlines 22:05, XIY, T3 23:45, XNN 1h40m

How to get to Xian Airport

Xian Xianyang Airport (XIY) is located about 43km northwest of Xian city centre, including Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3. The ground transportation is included: Airport Intercity Trains, Airport Bus and Taxi .

Airport bus is the most convenient, cheapest and fastest way between Xian Xianyang Airport and downtown. The ticket fee is RMB25 per person and it will take you around 60 minutes.