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Wuhan Tianhe Airport Luggage Services

Wuhan Tianhe Airport(WUH)luggage services are included left baggage, baggage inquiry, baggage wrapping, luggage tracking, luggage delivery, lost & found

Inquiry at Wuhan Tianhe Airport, WUH Airport T3

Inquiries Counter

location: Check-in island G, Gate 3, 4th level in departures hall

Service time: Two hours before the departure of the earliest flights, the boarding gate of the last departure flights is closed.

Service Hotlines:(+86) 27 96577

Left Baggage

location: Check-in Island F, departures hall, 4th level

Tel:(+86) 27-65590138

baggage left at Wuhan Tianhe Airport, WUH Airport T3

Lost & Found

location: arrivals hall, 2nd level

Tel:(+86) 27-65590138

Baggage Inquiry

Tel:(+86) 27-65590102, 65590816 for China Southern Airlines, 65591011 for China Eastern Airlines, 65590172 for Air China

Lost & Found at Wuhan Tianhe Airport, WUH Airport T3

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