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Introducation of Xinhua Airlines

Officially established in August 1992, China Xinhua Airlines bases in Beijing, mainly operating the business of domestic air transportation of passengers and cargo. The airlines was affiliated to the State Economic & Trade Commission of China and State Planning Commission of China successively, and was merged into Shenhua Group in October 1998 based on the instruction of “Separation of enterprise from administration” policy from the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council. On 28 February 2001, invested by Shenhua Group and HNA group jointly, the airlines reformed to be a limited company following the regulation of Act of Company with a registered capital of 1.83 billion of which HNA Group and Shenhua Group owns 60% and 40% respectively. Xinhua Airlines become a key enterprise of the aviation transportation unit of HNA Group after its re-organization.

Xinhua Airlines has won many honorable awards since its establishment. The airlines was awarded by CAAC the “Golden Wild Goose” Prize for the safety operation on air transportation in 2001, ranked No.1 in the “Passengers evaluation on civil aviation” in 2002, and won the first prize of the evaluation of punctuality of airlines in 2003. The cabin crew named “Lucky Pigeon” is awarded as one of the members of Model Cabin Crew of Excellent Service in China.

Supported by HNA Group and benefited from the superiority of the Group, China Xinhua Airlines will deepen its inner reform and go on renovating to improve the general management performance and the service quality, to re-build an excellent aviation brand, and to upgrade the company to be an airline which has traditional Chinese culture and is a first choice to the passenger worldwide.