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Introducation of Changan Airlines

Chang'an Airlines Co. Ltd. is approved by CAAC and Shan Xi Industry and Commence Bureau, Chang’an Air Company Limited set up based on its former—Chang’an Air. Re-organized on 30th August 2000, the company now develops to be an airline of modern enterprise under the support of CAAC, and both provincial governments of Shanxi and Hainan. Changan Airlines is an airline based in Xi'an, Shaanxi

Up to the end of 2004, the total capital of the company has reached 1.8 billion with the fleet of 7 Boeing 737s, 1 Dash8-Q400, and 11 Dornier 328-300s. In 2005, the company plans to introduce 4 airbus liners for operation. Currently, Chang’an airlines operates more than 80 domestic routes, connected 79 cities such as Beijing, Haikou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Dalian, Urumchi, Shanghai, Nanjing and other medium and small sized cities, forming a net centered in Xi’an radiating all the country, south to Haikou, north to Harbin, west to Urumchi, and east to Shanghai. Chang’an airlines has occupied most of the market of the national feeder lines. It established a convenient air bridge between the western cities.

The short term and long term strategic goals of the company are: to base in Xi’an and construct a feeder line network with Xi’an to be the hub and extending all over the country; to build a strongest and largest feeder lines in China; to develop the related industries of aviation by fully using the advantage of feeder lines, including travel, hotel, catering and other hi-tech industry; to develop more market and win more profit to help with the development of western part of China.