Ferry shifts from Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong and Macau

Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Quay/Wharf- Hong Kong International Airport(Seasky Passenger Port)

Departure time

Seasky Passenger Port Hong Kong to Shenzhen Airport

Departure time

Shenzhen Airport to Seasky Passenger Port Hong Kong

10:00 08:30
11:30 10:00
13:30 11:30
15:00 13:00
16:45 15:00
19:50 18:30
Ferry fare from Seasky Passenger Port Hong Kong to Shenzhen Airport
  Luxury Seat Common Seat
Adult Hong Kong Dollar 395 Hong Kong Dollar 295
Child(2 to under 12) Hong Kong Dollar 300 Hong Kong Dollar 225
Child(under 2) Hong Kong Dollar 205 Hong Kong Dollar 155
Ferry fare from Shenzhen Airport to Seasky Passenger Port Hong Kong
Adult RMB 364 RMB 272
Child(2 to under 12) RMB 276 RMB 207
Child(under 2) RMB 189 RMB 143
1.The prices above include RMB50 of passenger service fee.
2.The price of ticket from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport includes RMB20of exit tax & service fee.
3.The price of Hong Kong International Airport <-> Shenzhen includes RMB15 of fuel additional fee.


Macau - Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Quay / Wharf

Departure time from Macau to Shenzhen Airport Departure time from Shenzhen Airport to Macau
10:45 08:45
12:15 10:30
14:30 12:30
15:45 14:00
18:30 16:30
19:30 17:30
      Common Seat
Ferry fare Macau - Shenzhen     RMB196


 Macau New Hong Kong-Macau Quay
 Shenzhen Airport Fuyong Quay/Wharf (Shenzhen Airport)
 Hong Kong International Airport (See-sky Passenger Transportation Quay)

The checking counter stops serving passengers 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the ferryShenzhen Airport Fuyong Quay - Wharf


Address: Fuyong Quay, Shenzhen International Airport, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Inquiry Telephone:(+86) 755-23455107 23455108 Fax:(+86) 755-23455233
Airline Inquiry Telephone of Hong Kong Airport:(+86) 755-23455107