Hangzhou Airport Service facilities

Inquiry Phone line

Answer by Attendant:+86 571-8666 2404

Automatic Service: +86 571-8666 1234 / 8666 1235 / 8666 1236

Police office

Procedures for Temporary Identification Applications at the Airport Terminal Police Office

You may replace your lost, damaged, or expired identification card with a temporary one for         boarding purposes at the Airport Terminal Police Office.

Location: on the right side of the domestic security checkpoint.

Tel.: +86 571-86662253 86662581

Took the opportunity to apply for temporary identification procedures


The applicant fills out the application form in two parts: A. personal residential information; B: reasons for application and security commitments, along with two copies of an identification photo.

  Acceptance of Application
  1. 1、Eligible applications will be accepted with a receipt;
  2. 2、If an application is illegible, incomplete, or with inadequate number of or unacceptable       photos, it will be returned to the applicant until it meets the requirements;
  3. 3、Ineligible applications will be rejected with explanations.

There will be an identification review and a security review. The applicant’s personal information will be checked from residential data stored on the police computer.
The security commitments as the applicant makes on the form will be reviewed.


A temporary identification card will be issued if the application passes the on-duty official’s and a supervisor’s reviews.


The applicant picks up the temporary identification for boarding purposes with the receipt of acceptance and upon signature on the form

The Airport Terminal Police Office

Location: The Airport Terminal Police Office is located on the right side of the security checkpoint                      on level two of the terminal building.

For identification, call: +86 571-86662253

For police help, call: +86 571-86662110

Medical facilities

The airport’s medical emergency center’s duties include medical rescue upon contingencies; medical treatments for airport personnel and passengers; prevention of infective and chronic diseases. The center staff is on duty around the clock to help ensure aviation safety.

The center has 15 staff members who work at the medical rescue station and the medical depot. The medical station has advanced medical equipment and devices, including spade stretchers, portable breathing machines, handy respirators, cardiac defibrillators, ECG machines, Gastrolavage machine, suction equipment, surgical and first-aid supplies, along with other medical supplies and vehicles. We have two ambulances. One of them is a Ford resuscitation ambulance, which is equipped with an automatic foldable stretcher, a spade stretcher, ECG-Monitor, respirator, cardiac defibrillator-monitor, vacuum splints, emergency box, oxygen, laryngoscope, digital pulse pedometer, cardiac massage device, Ambu Perfit, and a portable suction machine.

The rescue depot is equipped in accordance with civil aviation airport first-aid standards and has 52 grid stretchers, 64 splints, nine emergency boxes, a rescue hall of 360 square meters, and a medical warehouse where the drugs and devices are stored.

Emergency Room Location:opposite Boarding Gate 16 in the Departure Hall.

Emergency Phone: +86 571-86662120

24 Hour On-Duty Phone: +86 571-86662316

Business center

The business center, located in Yichen Bookstore, opposite Entrance 4, provides typing, photocopying, and fax services.

Tel:+86 571-8666 0036

Luggage carts
For passenger convenience, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport provides luggage carts for free use. The carts of large and small sizes are placed in different areas of the terminal building. There are 950 large, heavy-duty carts, each with a maximum load of 120 kg, mostly by Entrances 1, 2, and 3, and in the international and domestic baggage claim areas. The 200 small carts, each with a maximum load of 80 kg, are all in the restricted areas, mostly placed opposite to Boarding Gate 17 in the Domestic Departure Hall and close to Boarding Gates 20 and 25 in the Domestic Arrival Hall.
Storage and Lost N Found services

Storage and Lost N Found services are located opposite Entrances 2 and 3 to the departure hall. Storage fee is one yuan per item.

Time: 08:30-21:30

Phone: +86 571 86662530


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