Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport Faq

Health Conditions not suitable for taking flights
A: The aviation medical experts remind that passengers meeting noe of the seven conditions below are not suitable to take flights.
Infants who have been born for less than 7 days or pregnant women who have been pregnant for more than 9 months.
Person suffering from myocarditis of myocardial infarction within the last 1 month,or suffering from cerebrovascular incidents within the last 2 weeks,or who suffer from malignant hypertension.
Person suffering from severe lung diseases such as tuberculosis pulmonary cavity or cardiopulmonary diseases with pulmonary malfunctions,suffering from pneumothorax or congenital pulmonary hydatoncus.
Person suffering from acute nasosinusitis,tympanitis or having undergone mandible-fixation poeration.
Person with severe anaemia.
Patients of mental illness with offensive tendency and Patients of epileptic without the company of medical workers.
Patients with diseases that may need urgent medical treatment but do not have certificates of approval for flights and do not have the company of medical workers.
Group passengers should undergo security checks according to names on the boarding cards and shall not use the boarding cards and shall not use the boarding cards bearing the name of other group member.
Children between 5 and 12 years of age or seniors over 65 could apply to have special boarding guidance when traveling alone.
Boarding gates close 15 minutes before filght take-off,passengers should wait for boarding at corresponding boarding gates,and pay attention to related public addressing and flight information displayed.
Each passenger on board a flight should have a flight ticket,including jnfant under 2 years of age.
The facilities and equipments in Baiyun international Airport are satisfactorily complete and there are clearly-marked directions at every crossing of the roads.Passengers could see the directions or make inquiries of airport staffs to check in and board the flight smoothly.

Preparations for Flights
A: Passengers should make preparation for taking flights after having decided to travel by air and have a clear idea about taking flights.
Choosing Aircraft Type
There are different types of aircrafts to be choosen and passengers could choose between different types of aircraft and flights with airline companies,flight ticket offices or travel agents.Generally speaking,the more advance the aircrafts are,the better comfort will be provided on board.
Passengers could choose different type of tickes between first class,business class and economic class.The first class and business class seats are spacious and comfortable.More space for movement and better flight services will be provided for these two types of passengers,but the ticket price is also higher,which is 130% to 150% of the economic flight tickets.But passengers should note that the safety factor of passengers is not related to the price of their tickets.
Making choice no seats is also important ,and will affect the comfortableness of passengers.Generally speaking.there is better stability of seats between the wing and front end of the aircraft.For passengers who are concerned about bumping caused by air currents,they are recommended not to choose seats at the rear end of the aircrafts.For passengers who wish to have more space for movement of legs and feet,they are recommended to choose the seats that are the front rows or close to the emergency exits.Passengers who may move frequently could choose seats near the passage.When feeling uncomfortable at flights they could stand up or move around without causing too much disturbance to other passengers.

Why Air stewards will demonstrate the usage of oxygen masks before flight take-off
A: Aircraft flying above 4268 meter or 1400 feet must boost pressure inside the cabin.In case that the cabin loses pressure passengers will suffer from short of oxygen,dizziness,lost of consciousness of even danger of life.The table below show the time human can sustain under the condition of pressure lost and oxygen shortage.
The oxygen mask is a lifesaving device to provide oxygen to passengers in case of emergency.Under the circumstance of losing pressure inside the cabin,the masks will fall automatically from the cabin roof and passengers should put them on until the aircraft is lowerd to a height which safe for the breathing of passengers.There are sufficient number of oxygen masks on boards every flight.In addition to 1 mask for each passenger there is another spare one for each row of seats to prepare for unexpected.